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Till Death Do Us Part
Season 1 - Episode 2
Till Death Do Us Part

It's time for the Deep South Paranormal team's next case: a plantation in Rolling Fork, MS called Mont Helena, that's long stood empty thanks to supernatural activity.

But first, a bit of very important business. Hart needs a rooster's tail feather to put in his juju "go bag," which is…um, exactly what it sounds like. But Hart is crazy like a fox, because instead of catching the rooster himself, he gets Randy and Jonathan to do it for him.

Once an "ornery" chicken has been divested of the correct feather, it's on to Mont Helena and a fancy lunch with the property's curators. When they're not worrying that Hart is going to steal the silverware, the team is downloading the Mont Helena backstory. The house was built by (and named for) Helen Johnston Harris, who got engaged to a young man named Henry Vick. Vick then got in an argument with a friend, challenged him to a duel, and lost -- right before the wedding. Today, the house is used to perform a play based on the Helen/Henry story, but performances stir up the restless ghosts, and it's hard to find actors willing to tolerate ghostly interruptions.

The team fans out to check out the main house, and a dilapidated private chapel that's also a likely site for paranormal visitation; the curators agree to put on a play to draw the spirits out.

Does it work? Maybe. Late that night, while Hart and Benny look around the main house's second floor, Randy feels a cold spot in the music room, and Hart's got the "freeze-ons" big-time. The outer edges of Helen's portrait look ice-cold on the thermal imaging; Randy's neck hairs are standing on end; and Keith, on the theory that Helen "likes a tune," busts out his guitar, Bertha B, to see what happens. And all of a sudden the equipment goes bonkers: antennae, hot spots, you name it.

…Well, the hot spot is a headless bird, and it's pretty gross, but Randy shrugs it off as the work of a resident cat. Hart swears it's a message from the other side. Of the…yard?

The next day, it's time to head down the road to Henry Vick's former home -- but not via a paved road. Jonathan calls an audible and they all take off mudding across some boggy flats; Benny's grumbling about Jon's crap driving proves prescient when Jon stalls out in a ditch.

Keith pounds on the hood to unstall the truck (…or something? We don't know about cars) and it's over to Nitta Yuma, the Vick ancestral manse, where, Keith intones, "The good times was a long time ago." The team borrows trigger objects from Henry's "distant kin" that might draw Henry into equipment range.

Hart has a similar idea, and has Jonathan row him down the same creek that Henry's funeral procession followed while Hart scatters rose petals on the water. Jonathan is concerned that, like the song says, people will say they're in love.

Then those two head to the falling-down Mont Helena chapel while everyone else covers Nitta Yuma. For a while, not much happens, just garden-variety sibling torture as Randy makes Kali carry a creepy old doll he finds because he knows she hates dolls.

But it gets real before too long. Benny and Keith explain the devices they're using, then invite the Nitta Yuma spirits to communicate. Benny hears footsteps; Keith is overcome with both nausea and deep sadness. Elsewhere, Randy is using Kali as "bait" to draw out the ghosts, who tell him via the electro-antenna that they'd rather he leave…and leave Kali alone in the room.

And over at the Mont Helena chapel, Hart rings the chapel bell three times…and something else rings it a fourth time. Jon tells Hart to hang tight, but Hart bolts from the chapel all "hell no."

Keith is still feeling sick; Benny's concerned about Keith and thinks it's not Henry they're dealing with, so he suggests getting some air…and not going back in.

Kevin spots a dark blob near Kali's shoulder and makes the mistake of telling her about it. She shrieks for Randy, and the arm falls off the creepy old doll, and it's one thing for Randy to tease his sister; he's not having it from a phantom. "I don't know why you gotta pick on my sister," Randy says, stripping down to a tank top -- why, it's hard to say, but maybe Henry's ghost wants to settle this with Greco-Roman wrestling. "You know what, it's just me and you now."

Henry's ghost is down with that, and gives Randy a shove. Skeptic Kevin didn't see anything: "All I seen was you jolting." A shaken Randy's satisfied that they've witnessed activity and gathers up his outerwear in a hurry.

Somewhat suddenly, we cut over to the bonfire recap portion of the episode, as the team shares their results with the curator -- including an "ethereal voice" caught on tape whispering the name "Henry." (We confess, we didn't really hear it on the playback.) Looks like the haunting got a little more deep than south for our heroes and they wanted to close that file tout de suite. Fair enough! Keith plays us out.

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