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Old Soldiers Never Die
Season 1 - Episode 4
Old Soldiers Never Die

The team's headed to Florida for this job, to help out a family plagued by paranormal activity -- and Randy's not too happy about it. He's fine with the ghosties, mind you; it's leaving behind the crawfish he just spent hours catching that he's annoyed with. (Benny, who got a crab down his boot, is fine with it.)

Once Benny's rid his footwear of pinchy hitchhikers, it's on to Macclenny, Florida. The Battle of Olustee took place nearby -- the largest Floridian clash of the Civil War, and the second largest casualty hit to the Union side. But the clients, the Palmers, are fighting a war of their own: the dream house they built on family land just three years ago is turning into a nightmare for the whole family. Everyone -- mom, dad, and their son and daughter -- has experienced some kind of paranormal activity, from black shadows to ghostly footsteps. It's particularly bad for son Cameron, because most of the activity is in his room, and Mom has clearly had it with haunts messing with her kid; she wants to know what the ghosts want, and what they can do to fix it.

Randy and Benny head to a mud hole to get the deets from the Palmer's son Cameron, who's working out his anxieties with some good old-fashioned monster trucking. Cameron shares that something has paralyzed him while he's trying to sleep, sitting on his chest and making it hard for him to move or breathe. It sounds like a classic succubus, and his friend Chris notes that he thinks it's the land the house sits on -- after getting routed at Olustee, Union troops retreated to Jacksonville, cutting through the Palmer property.

Back at the house, Keith is feeling "a thickness in the air" in Cameron's room, while Hart gets a tingling in his fingertips on the stairs. And that's while the sun is still out.

After said sun goes down, the team splits up into various rooms, and begins to call the shades forth. Not much happens, although Jon feels "funky" in Cameron's room; a loud crash is just Cameron's skateboards falling over, and probably doesn't indicate the presence of ghosts. Hart and Randy don't have much luck in the laundry room, either, although Papa Palmer reported an incident there.

But Kevin hears footsteps outside, at base camp, and takes off after it, which Kali probably isn't too keen on -- and inside, Jonathan is getting succubus'd. It's a few minutes before he can even call Keith and Benny for help, and when they rush in, they find a headachy and embarrassed Jonathan, who laments the fact that even professionals can get their wind knocked out by a phantom. Benny's freaked out; usually it's Keith who gets these strong feelings.

While Jonathan's getting some air, Kevin's pursuing the shadow outside, and how he saw that in the dark, we have no idea. We do know that, because we can't see much outside the range of his camera light, it's reminding us of The Blair Witch Project and we don't care for it. We don't think much of Randy's plan to go underneath the house, into a creepy crawlspace -- especially when he's hearing footsteps above him and there's nobody (living) in the house at the time.

Recovered somewhat, Jonathan observes that all the activity seems headed in one direction; he agrees with Chris that it's the land that's connected to the hauntings. The next day, the team decides to find out, visiting Olustee Battlefield during the annual re-enactment. A longtime re-enactor briefs them on the battle's particulars and says that, sometimes, they sense "people alongside" them in the woods. He kindly lends the team a powder case and some vintage pistols as trigger objects.

Benny, the gun expert on the team, loses a bet to Keith on who gets to fire the pistols that night -- but it's hard to say if anyone's a winner once darkness falls. Keith is really feeling sadness and death as he, Jonathan, and Benny get set up at the battlefield itself. (Hart and Randy are further north, along the path of retreat, and besides a "juvenile" gator that leads to a hilarious convo about which one of them will become croc kibble, they only hear a few ambiguous noises.)

On the battlefield, the team tries various ways to draw the spirits forth: Keith fires the pistol; they hum a Civil War song (it sounded more like "the ants go marching one by one" to us); Keith tries a rebel yell. The yell is apparently returned by the other side, as Keith only does it once and they hear another one, but they're not satisfied, and try to recreate the experience of a wounded soldier. Jonathan lies down and yells for a medic while Benny and Keith supply other dialogue. For a few minutes, it looks like a bust…

…but then a cold wind crops up. Keith whips around, seeing and hearing things all around him. The IR cam, then Jonathan's cam go dead, but Kevin definitely saw a shadow heading towards the infra-red before it shorts out. Benny's firm on getting the hell out of there, and Jonathan agrees -- since he no longer has working equipment.

Around the campfire, the team confirms that the Palmer land, and a long-ago battle, is probably the source of the hauntings; it's "just bad luck," Jonathan says. As far as "fixing" the problem, well…maybe Cameron could try letting go of his fear, and thinking of the ghosts as allies, so he's not putting out (and then attracting) bad energy. It's not a perfect solution, but the Palmers seem glad that, at the very least, the Deep South team has validated their experiences. And we close with a song from Keith.

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