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The Good, The Bad And The Ghostly
Season 1 - Episode 5
The Good, The Bad And The Ghostly

The team's headed to Alabama this time, but before they leave, it's time for Hart to enlist the protective powers of another creepy-crawly. This time it's snake venom he needs -- unfortunately for his helpers Jonathan (who asks hopefully if Hart needs dandelions) and Benny (who's afraid of snakes, even the rubber kind).

Once Hart has collected his poison and thanked the snake for its service, it's on to Old Cahawba, AL, where two local families, the Bells and the Troys, feuded for years. Things came to a deadly head when the Troys accused the Bells' slave, Plez, of stealing from them -- and murdered all the Bells and Plez in cold blood. Keith notes that, with the nearby Alabama River on the rise, it's probably the DSP team's last shot at getting some answers.

It'll take some doing, as they're going to have to investigate an entire village -- but they decided to focus on the graveyard where the Bells are buried; the slave quarters where Plez lived; an old hanging tree near those quarters, and the murder site close by. Keith immediately gets an "awful, lonely feeling" at the hanging tree (unsurprising, really).

Benny and Jonathan are getting more of a vacation feeling as they take a quail-hunting field trip with a local historian and her friends. The historian discusses the families' feud and the sites where locals have spotted phantoms; apparently, Plez also haunts the hotel where the Troys tracked him down and killed him. Her friend relates that, at the old house, someone -- or something -- came up behind him to ask, "Who are you?", loudly enough to be heard over a weed-whacker.

As the sun goes down, the team sets up (except Hart, who's waving his arms around on the steps instead of doing any heavy lifting; crazy like a fox, that guy). As night falls, Randy peers at the stones in the cemetery to see who might be visiting them, while at the slave quarters, Keith feels a presence "right beside" him. He, Benny, and Jonathan follow the presence outdoors after they hear a chain rattling -- possibly the one attached to the hanging tree -- and after a few minutes, Keith asks to be left alone.

At the cemetery, Randy and Hart head further into the woods on the trail of some mysterious sounds, which they don't believe to be "critter"-based, while Jonathan and Benny try to draw out the spirits at the murder site "by impersonating their killers, the Troys." That seems like a terrible idea to us…

…but not as terrible as Keith calling to Plez at the hanging tree, as that results in Keith nearly passing out. He manages to radio for back-up despite feeling like his chest is "in a vise," and Benny and Jon must drag him back to the house, where he shows them a picture of the area that has an unexplained shadow in the foreground. We hate to be that guy, but we're pretty sure the shadow is Keith's. We're less sure about the shadow Kali sees crossing Randy's reflection in a pool of water at the cemetery; either way, that's the team's signal to pack it in for the night.

Randy's had the night to sleep on Hart's latest voodoo plan: building a coffin, then performing a ceremony to raise the dead while Randy lies inside. Randy agrees to it with little enthusiasm, and he, Kevin, and Kali set about building a casket -- after Randy and Hart gather more dandelions, many of which Hart is eating.

Over at the St. James Hotel in Selma, AL, the rest of the boys hear from the hotel manager about persistent haunting issues with the room where Plez probably died -- guests feeling entities in bed with them, men in period attire leaving the room, and so on.

The night gets off to a spooky start thanks to thunderstorms, which may explain why Kevin feels "the anger" at the cemetery -- it may literally be electricity. Whatever the cause, not much of note happens for a while, although Keith and Jonathan patiently call for Plez at the St. James and Randy is manfully huddled in the coffin with a snake-venom amulet, chanting a poem that's supposed to bring the ghosts. Even Benny has to admit that he what he thought was a spirit was actually dust from the carpet in the hotel room. (Get on that, St. James staff, jeez.)

But the antebellum spirits respond in both places soon enough. At the hotel, it's a thermal image on the bed that looks like the leg and handprints of someone sitting on the edge. At the cemetery, both Hart and Kali see a "glowing" just over the coffin, while Randy senses a presence inside the coffin with him and demands that the rest of the team free him pronto.

In the light of day, the team gathers by the river for a song and a review. Nobody disputes that the place is haunted (Randy actually calls the area "pissed"), and Hart is particularly impressed with its effect on Randy: "We put the fear in Mr. Fearless last night."

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