Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 3

Monday, June 29, 2015 - 07:00

This episode was titled "Dead Air." Or, "Welcome Back, Pottinger." Or, rather, "So Long, Pottinger."

Yes, ol' Niles was front and center in most of our favorite moments this week, but before we got reacquanted with Amanda's Number One Fan (gross), the episode started out literally with a bang ... and a big one, at that.

  1. The Arch Goes Ka-Boom

    It was bad enough that Rahm Tak had Datak & Stahma sabotage Defiance's armory with an infestation of creepy-crawly shrill. But to turn his reluctant spies into full-blown terrorists (emphasis on the "blown") ... that was a low blow (emphasis on the ... well, you know). If town morale wasn't at an all-time low before, you can bet it is now.
  2. The Fab Four

    On to Pottinger, who's turned Station Arrowhead into his own personal bunker equipped with excellent camembert. And who's waiting on his craziness hand and foot? A quartet of (oddly charming) biomen, whom Niles has named Paul, John, George and Ringo. We can't help but refer to them as Mayor Pottinger's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but it isn't a Beatles record that our host puts on when he asks for some private time with Amanda ...
  3. The Sound of My Soul

    As the Fab Four escort Nolan to the armory (actually, to a beat-down in the hallway), Niles sets the mood for his attempted seduction of Amanda with Spandau Ballet's "True." And he does this completely with a straight face. While that's certainly somewhat endearing, it's ultimately no wonder that Amanda soon pulls his own gun on him.
  4. The Bad Room

    The episode's most unsettling set piece was the revelation of Pottinger's "screening room," where he keeps all that Season Two footage of Amanda in her bedroom ... along with other props and costume pieces relating to some of the more unpleasant incidents of her past. It's fitting that in this mouth of madness is where Niles meets his fiery demise. Bon voyage, Potty!

See you next week for Season 3, Episode 4 ...