Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 4

Monday, July 6, 2015 - 07:00

The fourth episode of Defiance Season Three had some of the series' most surreal -- and satisfying -- set pieces as Nolan and Irisa took an epic trip down memory lane (like, kind of literally) and Alak finally became a true Tarr with a kick-ass escape from Camp Rahm Tak.

Before we get to all of that, though, we must tip our hats to the latest squabble between Alak's parents ...

  1. You've Woken the Baby

    Really, every episode of Defiance should open with Datak and Stahma arguing. This latest tiff starts off with Datak actually shattering a flower vase against the wall as he's enraged over the fact that Stahma had sex with T'evgin but didn't succeed in the killing him part. Baby Luke then starts crying, which prompts Grandpa Datak to soothe the wee one with talk of "purple enchanter penis" and "Grandma's embarrassing female weakness" (in Castithan, of course). Best grandparents ever.
  2. Kill the Castithan

    Arguably the most harrowing of the Nolan/Irisa flashbacks has Nolan teaching his young daughter the fine art of killing in cold blood. We really see how his sister's death turned Nolan into a Votan-hating killing machine here, with young Irisa truly terrified by her father's merciless ways. And the extra pause as Nolan shows her the correct placement of the Castithan heart? Chilling.
  3. Fly, Alak, Fly!

    Datak and Stahma became treasonous terrorists to insure the safety of their son, but really the kid can take care of himself. Alak's escape from Rahm Tak's camp was brilliantly lo-fi, as he stabbed his guard, briefly tussled with Tak himself, stole a Roller and put the pedal to the metal. Now you're acting like a Tarr, boy!
  4. Stab or Cuddle? Cuddle

    The sight of frightened young Irisa holding a blade above the sleeping Nolan was certainly disturbing, though what proved truly haunting was Nolan waking up -- clueless of how close to death he actually came -- and wrapping his ward up in a blanket, thinking she was hovering by his bed because she was too cold to sleep. Young Irisa's eyes peering into the early dawn as she reflects on the murder she didn't go through with makes for one of the series' most exquisite images to date.
  5. The Tarr Family Reunion

    Alak comes home ... and immediately puts a blade to his mother's throat. Remember, Stahma was the one who took Christie's life, and the widowed husband is none too happy about it ... and the way he stares at his own reflection in the mirror whilst expressing that unhappiness makes it all the creepier. Now that Alak's got a taste for stabbing, will he indulge in a little matricide? There's never a boring moment at the Tarr house.

See you next week for Season 3, Episode 5 ...