Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 5

Monday, July 13, 2015 - 07:00

The Tarrs beat the holy hell out of each other, Rahm Tak shows how flexible he really is and Stahma gets into not one but two bouts of fisticuffs? Huzzah for the fifth episode of Defiance Season Three!

  1. The Great Tarr Family Beatdown

    First Alak came in and held a knife to his mama's throat, then Datak started slapping the heck out of his son, then Stahma kicked her son in the ribs (more than once) and delivered a "You ungrateful spoiled brat" speech and — the cherry on top — spat on him. We may have found a true competitor for WWE SmackDown. More Tarr family meetings, please!
  2. I Married Well

    This was a truly beautiful moment. The default setting for Datak and Stahma is "antagonism," so it was nice to see them share a tender, affectionate moment as husband and wife as they planned their escape from Defiance … and seemed to quietly accept the fact that there's a strong possibility that they'll never see each other again. There's nothing like being wanted for treason to (temporarily?) fix a dysfunctional marriage!
  3. Rahm Tak Yoga

    Man, we love Rahm Tak. And Rahm Tak really loves his wife. After delivering a rousing Manifest Destiny kinda speech to his troops, a masked stranger rolls into camp, which ends up being Rahm's lady, Volubela. The General is so happy to see her that he falls to his knees, leans all the way back and proclaims her name to the heavens. Such a strange yet powerful gesture of excitement and surprise — kudos, again, to Lee Tergesen for coming up with such interesting layers and quirks for his supervillain.
  4. Both Bluffing

    This scene wasn't memorable so much for its punchline (surprise! It was all a bluff!) but for the moving performance by Tony Curran as Datak. Nolan's got a gun to Alak's head and is ready to blow the kid away if Datak doesn't start spilling the beans about Rahm Tak's master plan; as Nolan gets more aggressive, Datak goes from uneasy to terrified to heartbroken as he begs and pleads the lawkeeper to not take the life of his only child. He may be a son of a bitch, but Datak loves — loves — his family.
  5. Ballistic: Stahma vs. Amanda

    The burly brawl between Amanda and Stahma was extremely satisfying both on a visceral "Wow wee girl fight!" level and as a bit of dramatic long-time-coming. Amanda really gets Stahma's goat when she mentions Kenya; her rage makes her a bit sloppy, allowing the mayor to stab her in the stomach with a letter opener (an impromptu weapon that's become something of an inside joke with the Tarrs). Ultimately, Stahma could've killed Amanda, but she didn't … which is intriguing.

See you next week for Season 3, Episode 6 ...