Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 6

Monday, July 20, 2015 - 07:00

Ian Ziering rolled into Defiance, Datak chose a slow, agonizing death and Kindzi gave Stahma a bath. A fine episode, indeed!

  1. Free Guns!

    First of all, Ian Ziering as Conrad Von Bach: awesome. Also, Conrad Von Bach is not only an arms dealer but Berlin's slightly shady, completely charming ex-squeeze: double awesome. Let's go for the triple: he delivers an entire armory's worth of weapons to Defiance ... at no charge! Well, that's not entirely true: Berlin has to buy him a drink. "They're on the house!" exclaims Amanda. You're damn right they are. "Goldenrod."
  2. One Big Misunderstanding

    Berlin buys (well, orders, anyway) that drink for Connie and it takes them only a few minutes to discover that their break-up was the unfortunate result of a series of lies spewed by Mama Von Bach, who didn't think a lowly Earth Republic grunt was good enough for her boy. It takes them even less time to share a passionate long-time-coming kiss and book a room upstairs for makeup sex.
  3. Bath Time For Stahma

    Kindzi's had it out for Stahma ever since T'evgin brought her in, though her terrorizing of her father's Castithan concubine turned erotic (but no less terrifying) when she woke her from a nap claiming, "You need a bath." Kindzi proceeded to bathe her nemesis, complementing her beauty and scent before telling her of the Omec custom of eventually devouring sex partners ... or throwing them to the children as a plaything. Kindzi would've jumped right to the eating part, too, if T'evgin hadn't shown up and inflicted some parental discipline. Kids.
  4. Tommy!!

    Irisa tried to get back in the saddle of shootin' and killin', and what does she get? A hallucination of her blowing away her own ex-boyfriend! It was a good thing Berlin couldn't share in this vision, or she probably would've finally drawn her own gun and put Irisa out of her misery. As gruesome as this moment was, It was great to see Dewshane Williams as Tommy Lasalle again, even if only for a few seconds.
  5. March to the Shaming Rack

    Datak's being executed for his treasonous actions against Defiance, though rather than go quickly and quietly via hanging, he opts for the excruciation of the Shaming Rack, which will slowly tear his limbs from their sockets. Holy cats ... are they going to kill off Datak? First the entire McCawley clan, then Pilar (okay, no huge loss there ... and, really, she's probably still alive), and now Datak? The way this season's been going with the bloodshed, we figure he has a 50-50 chance. Whoa.

See you next week for Defiance Season 3, Episode 7 ...