Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 11

Monday, August 24, 2015 - 07:00

The penultimate episode of Defiance Season 3 had Kindzi totally off the leash (though was she ever truly on one?), indulging her Omec appetites and unleashing a wave of terror that makes Rahm Tak's rogue campaign look like a mild playground skirmish. Whilst Season 2's climax had major mass destruction, the stakes seem even higher here as Defiance serves as the first stop on Kindzi's Dread Harvest Tour -- will Nolan and friends be able to hold the line?

We'll have to wait until the season finale to see how this all wraps up. Until then, here are the highlights of Season 3, Episode 11: "The Awakening."

  1. Kindzi the Invincible

    After ingesting her papa's heart, Kindzi can't be stopped! This is demonstrated most harrowingly and humorously as Nolan empties his sniper rifle into her, shooting her in the head, shoulder, arm, stomach, big toe, you name it ... and still she keeps on ticking. And running -- up the hill, straight at Nolan and Irisa. All hail the Lady Omec!
  2. A Taste of Datak Tarr

    Datak convinced his old pal Doc Yewll to be next on the menu for the ravenous Omec hoards, claiming he couldn't stand just sitting in his cage waiting his turn. As always, Datak had a trick up his sleeve ... or up his sweet tricked-out bionic arm, rather, as it suddenly produced a blade that made short work of a hungry Omec. The prisoners' screams of excitement as one of them successfully showed one of these monsters what for were even more cathartic.
  3. A Tarr Mini-Reunion

    We'd been waiting for Alak to lay it into his mom for some time, and when it finally happened, it didn't disappoint. While Alak knocking Stahma's ego down a peg or two by calling out her perhaps ill-advised tryst with T'evgin was amusing, we were most moved by his recounting of an incident from his childhood where he was forced to beat up a friend simply because he was of a lower liro. Being a Castithan sounds exhausting ... and, at times, heartbreaking.
  4. Samir's Hero

    We love Samir's man crush on Nolan, but we love how it's fueled by an almost mystical sense of faith even more. Samir knows Nolan will rescue him simply because he believes this so strongly, and that's exactly why Nolan shows up at the very last second to shoot up the Omecs with hungry eyes on the young doctor. Samir maniacally laughs with glee and relief; we calmly smiled and nodded as his trust in this crazy universe paid off in spades.
  5. I'm Yours Always

    The final scene of the episode was straight out of a horror movie. Alak and Andina share a fairy tale kiss (complete with light reflections from baby Luke's rotating lamp dancing across the walls), and about thirty seconds later Kindzi shows up and snaps her neck. And now she's gonna eat baby Luke. Arrrggghhh!!!

See you next week for the Season 3 finale!