Our Top Defiance Moments: Season 3, Episode 12

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 07:00

"We're going to Jackson." - Joshua Nolan

Well, here we are at the end of Season Three of Defiance, and, not surprisingly, various feelings and states of being are flying all hurlyburly: melancholy, elation, inspiration, catharsis. Ultimately, the season finale was immensely satisfying as we left Defiance in the capable hands of Lawkeeper Irisa and bid bon voyage to Nolan and Doc Yewll as they hurtle through space with a ship full o' sleeping Omec.

So many choice moments in Episode 12: "Upon the March We Fittest Die." See below.

  1. The (Complete) Tarr Family Reunion

    Alak was noticeably moved when Stahma offered herself to Kindzi in exchange for the life of Baby Luke, but Mama Tarr didn't have to go through with it after Datak rushed in and stabbed the hungry Lady Omec in the neck with his bionic fist-blade. With Kindzi temporarily incapacitated, every member of the Tarr family -- Datak, Stahma, Alak and Baby Luke -- jumped in a roller and burned rubber the heck out of there. A sight of them hitting the road together -- come what may -- couldn't help but inspire a smile.
  2. The Future Mrs. Tarr?

    Heck, there might be a fifth member of the Tarr Family sooner rather than later, if the flirty exchange between Alak and Irisa was any indication. We noticed a little somethin'-somethin' between these two early in the season, and it's nice to see them finally noticing it, too. Irisa would make a great mom, despite all that trouble she had with killing people in Season Two.
  3. You Always Come Back

    The final farewell between Nolan and Amanda was perfect: affectionate without being sentimental, sincere without being forced, and sad without being tear-jerky. It figures that these two would have to say goodbye when she might be dying from a gut wound and he's gotta get to outer space to blow up a spaceship full of hungry aliens.
  4. You Frustrate Me

    Will Stahma and Amanda ever be friends? Eh, probably not. But with a little effort on both their parts, they could definitely learn to, well, live together. A big step would be Amanda accepting Stahma's (seemingly sincere!) apology for all her wrong-doings, not the least of which is killing Kenya and betraying Defiance as Rahm Tak's mole ... though that might be too much to ask. For now. Until then, they got to share a nice moment as Stahma tended to her mayor's wounds, a moment that brought hope for the future ... of both their relationship and their town.
  5. I'm Gonna Miss Ya, Pal

    So many perfect goodbyes in this episode! Our favorite might be when Datak and Doc Yewll said farewell to each other as he prepared to make her truly one with the Tsuroz's ark-brain. Theirs was always the most unlikely of friendships, and it's made their relationship both amusing and fascinating over the course of two seasons. Plus, we love any moment where Doc lets her guard down and allows herself to show a little emotion. Wonderful.
  6. So Long, Kindzi

    Nolan tossing the big bad Lady Omec into the angry, churning mass of the Tsuroz's gulanite-fueled engine inspired a hearty cheer or two. While we were hoping for a death that was a little more hands-on and personal, Kindzi's demise was still appropriately visceral and epic -- an ending fit for a supervillain. She's now rolling those 'r's in hell.
  7. We're Going to Jackson

    The boyish grin with which Nolan greets his latest (and possibly greatest) adventure -- blasting through space with Doc Yewll on a ship full of slumbering purple aliens -- might be the season finale's single most satisfying moment. Plus, he got to quote himself from way back in the series premiere, a Johnny Cash ditty sung by him and Irisa as they prepared to enter Defiance for the very first time. It's come full circle -- a big, bold, beautiful circle, at that.
  8. A New Arch ... and a New Lawkeeper

    This says it all. Just watch.