Get More Defiance with Syfy Sync

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 12:08

If you want to experience Defiance in a way like never before, Syfy Sync is just for you.

Syfy Sync is an experience that delivers contextual games, videos, behind the scenes facts and more WHILE you are watching Defiance (no matter if you are watching live, a recorded episode or on

So if you're watching a scene of Nolan and Irisa fighting some hellbugs, extra goodies about that scene - bloopers, trivia, behind the scenes anecdotes or insight into the fictional world of Defiance - will appear on your phone or tablet.

Think of Pop Up Video - except you get way, way more.

In addition to all of the above, each Sync experience will feature exclusive videos, such as Inside Defiance, a video series where the cast and crew share their thoughts on each episode.

So now that we've gone on that spiel, how do you actually experience Syfy Sync? There are two different ways:

1. You can visit the Defiance TV show homepage during every LIVE viewing and see the Sync experience right on your desktop screen. Note that this is only usable during LIVE east and west coast airings of Defiance.

2. Get the Syfy Sync app for your tablet or phone and launch the experience there while you watch. The Syfy Sync app is useable with ANY broadcast of Defiance no matter when you watch it - live, not-live or even online.

To get Syfy Sync for the iPhone, iPad or iPad mini, visit here.

To get Syfy Sync for Android Tablets or phones, visit here.