Get Defiance: The Essential Guide

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 14:19

Go inside the universe of 2046 like never before with Defiance: The Essential Guide. This book has EVERYTHING you'd want in a Defiance companion, including:

• Character profiles
• Behind-the-scenes photos and videos
• Secret game codes
• "Making Of" videos
• 3D animations
• Alien language translator
• Defiance ePostcards
• Downloadable show episodes
• And much more!

Did we mention secret game codes? It's worth emphasizing again.

It's available in the iBookstore now - so go get it!

Or if you are an Android user, it's in the Google Play store.

And also available for the following tablet devices (*these editions do not contain video or audio enhancements):

Kindle Fire (if you're an owner, go get your copy!)

Nook (so if you have one, get it now!)

Kobo (if you've got one, Defiance it up!)