And the Game Character Coming to Defiance Season 2 Is ...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 11:52

You voted! After asking fans to vote on ten possible Defiance game avatars to turn up as a character in Season 2 (from which Defiance Executive Producer Kevin Murphy picked the top five), the winner is ... Alethea!

Here's the scoop on Alethea:

Race: Irathient
Gender: Female
Age: 62
Occupation: Veteran Ark Hunter

Most Ark Hunters like to think they're the best that ever lived. The few who might lay claim to that title don't tend to brag about it. Alethea was a warrior in the Votanis System long before making the trip to Earth. She still misses her home planet of Irath, and clings steadfastly to the old values with which she was raised: a love of nature, belief in a higher power, and an unwavering code of honor.

Alethea became a legend among Irathients after emerging undefeated in the combat trials that determined who got to go aboard the Arks. But instead of reveling in her victory, she gave up her seat to the Spirit Leader of her tribe. The Council of Elders voted her passage as reward for this selflessness. When she arrived on Earth, Alethea served as a border guard in the Omec Colony of Mexico. Though charged with keeping outsiders at bay, she made friends with the local humans, and realized they weren't the soulless monsters she'd been led to believe. Still, when war broke out Alethea did her duty, serving on the front lines of the Florida Campaign. Though notoriously ruthless, she never failed to give her enemies a proper burial. Alethea was stationed in the Everglades when the Arks came down. Due to stockpiles of chemical weapons, the whole state became irradiated, spawning a host of mutants which ravaged the land. Alethea rallied the surviving Votan troops and took shelter in an abandoned bunker, radioing her people for help. To her dismay, Votan High Command informed her that a rescue mission was out of the question. They were on their own. Alethea led her squad up the coastline. Along the way, they encountered the remnants of an Earth Military Coalition unit. Rather than take advantage of the situation, she folded the humans into her own company and led them to safety. Following the war, the survivors stuck together, becoming a successful Ark Hunter clan known as "Divided Allegiance."

Alethea and her clan are wary organized government, trusting only to themselves. They hope to earn enough scrip for passage to Antarctica, where they intend to create a new home for themselves where all races will be welcome.

Look for Alethea in Season 2 of Defiance.