Defiance Season 1: Where Game Meets Show

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 18:41

As we're sure you know, Defiance is an entire universe that extends beyond the TV show ... and the Defiance game allows YOU to experience and explore life in 2046.

The game, currently available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, offers players the chance to play as ark hunters (that's Nolan and Irisa's job at the start of Season 1, Episode 1) in what was once San Francisco. And because show and game are set in the same world, they will be interacting throughout Season 1.

Check out some key crossover moments below.


PLAGUE! Part Deux
Journalist Charlie Rivers spread the "Irath Flu," as it's colloquially known, from the game world to the show. For the past two weeks, some residents of the Bay Area have been showing signs of this illness. In Episode 9, it took hold firmly in Defiance, jeopardizing the lives of many of the town's citizens.

It's Worse Out West
Parts of the Bay Area were hit with an even nastier form of the virus that resulted in patients with aggressive and violent behavior, known as "The Afflicted."

Coast-to-Coast Cure
Doc Yewll sent a message to her colleague on the West Coast, Eren NiDen, requesting help finding a cure for the Irath Flu. In the week leading up to the episode, players worked with Eren NiDen to help develop medicine which cured the Bay Area, then assaulted an abandoned military base housing an old-world ICBM, which was used to transport the medicine to Defiance. 

Uniform Code
The distinctive blue coloring found on the Earth Republic’s uniforms can be found in both the show and the video game.  It's meant to evoke the image of United Nations peacekeeping forces and clearly marks the E-Rep.


The collapse of the girl at the end of this week's episode signals the arrival of a plague which started in the video game. For the past two weeks, the Bay Area has been consumed by a violent strain of this disease, with players squaring off against infected settlers who can't tell friend from foe. Now that the illness has traveled to Defiance, players have a chance to find a cure before the town suffers the same fate. Time is running out...

Charger vs. Challenger
Nolan's Lawkeeper Charger makes another appearance in the early going. Pretty much the coolest vehicle on the show, the Dodge Charger has a 900 KM range and a peak horsepower of 370. In the game, players can drive a Dodge Challenger, which is the fastest vehicle in the game!

At the beginning of this week's episode, Tommy and Nolan track down the piece of Ark debris that nearly crashed in Defiance last week. Players of the game are familiar with these arkfall events, and the rich rewards that can be won by tracking them down. 

Air Travel Advisory
As the characters mention, air travel is a no-no in the world of Defiance thanks to radiation levels and ark debris. Players of the game may be familiar with a few low-altitude helicopters like the VA-10B Gargoyle, but that's as airborne as mankind gets, these days.


Ark Brains on Your Mind
This week, we saw a fragment of an Ark Brain do amazing things in bringing Sukar back to life and controlling his actions. Players of the Defiance video game are familiar with this effect, having faced robots controlled by an Ark Brain known as Scrappers.

It's Raining Razors
Razor Rain – a shower of dangerous shrapnel, fallen to Earth from the destroyed Arks floating in orbit – hit Defiance hard this week. Players in the game have observed ark debris streak across the sky which sometimes presents a more immediate danger (as in, watch your head).

In the game, humans are coming down with a nasty plague, a horrific hemorrhagic fever. Look for this plague to spread from the Bay Area to the town of Defiance in the coming weeks.


The Peril of Pol Madis
The shifty weapons designer Nolan encounters in Episode 6 works for Von Bach Industries, a name that should be familiar to Defiance players. Von Bach's corporate secrets could prove deadly in the hands of a madman. 

Rynn's Arrival
Last week, we saw Rynn go rogue after being released by Nolan and Amanda as a reward for saving their lives. Now, everyone's favorite Irathient spitfire will be making her presence known in the Bay Area (and the game), helping players deal with a new wave of attacks from mutated Hellbugs (and maybe challenging some skilled gamers as well). Courtesy of Rynn’s understanding of Hellbug biology, the game will also see the introduction of the Infector Grenade, which can unleash small hellbugs on its target. 

That's What Friends Are For
Eddie, Nolan's old soldier buddy, was also friends with Jon Cooper, a Lawkeeper in the Bay Area and a major character in the game. They were all members of the Iron Demons, a famous squad of Earth Military Coalition soldiers who took part in the Battle of Defiance. 

Small But Deadly
The Varus Soleptor that Nolan mentions (and Eddie threatens to turn Nolan over to) is a Liberata businessman from the video game.  Some believe he runs organized crime in the Bay Area.  Before Nolan and Irisa came to Defiance, Varus hired them to recover a valuable artifact known as the Libera Nova Gem.  They recovered the gem (with a little help from the players), but instead of handing it off to Varus, they kept it for themselves and headed east.  Nolan used the gem to open a secret compartment in a Votan Ark (remember? In the first episode?), which is where he found the terrasphere that saved the town.

Matching Outfits
Notice how the Earth Republic outfits in the show and the game match? That's because the art departments at Trion and Syfy worked together to create the Earth Republic uniform.


Rynn on the Run
Rynn has made quite an impression in her time in Defiance. Now, Bay Area denizens will get the chance to interact with this intriguing outlaw, as she'll be making the transition from show to game and will become an NPC for players to meet and interact with. Look for her to be particularly helpful when it comes to a nasty Hellbug problem players will face.

E-Rep Blues
This week, Nolan and Amanda learned just how prickly it can be dealing with the Earth Republic and, particularly, Ambassador Tennety. Players of the Defiance game have had no shortage of E-Rep interactions, although are lucky that not everyone is as difficult to deal with as Tennety.

Two If By Land
The Land Coach that Amanda and Nolan take is a mass transit vehicle converted for travel across the dangerous Badlands.  Two major companies dominate the Land Coach business.  APS (Armored Parcel Service) specializes in secure cargo delivery, while Overland Transport specializes in ferrying passengers across the terraformed landscape.  Land Coaches can be found in the video game, and players will find APS drop boxes scattered throughout the Bay Area.

Land of Golden Opportunity
The town of Calexico – mentioned in Episode 5 –  is now an island off the coast of Yuma.  It’s a busy hubmade up of both humans and Votans.  The Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective have a vested interest in Calexico due to its strategic value.  However, the people of Calexico don’t care about their politics … only the color of their scrip (money).

Crude But Deadly
The bomb that went off in this episode was most likely a vyse-charge.  Vyse-charges are made from Vysudium, a highly unstable gas found deep underground.  Vyse-charges are dangerous to handle but easy to make. They can sometimes be found in the Bay Area (and the game).


Most Wanted
The ultimate game and show crossover is about to occur. Namely, YOU could end up on the show. Here's how it works. By entering the "Most Wanted" contest, players of the game have the opportunity to have themselves appear in the show. It's as cool as it sounds.

Your Brain on Adreno
Nico and Ulysses were involved in an illegal operation manufacturing Adreno, a stimulant originally used to fuel soldiers during the Pale Wars. In the Defiance game, some enemies are hooked on Adreno, making them even more fearsome (and erratic) than they normally are.

In the Defiance game, Nolan, Irisa and the players arrived in the Bay Area on a crashing Stratocarrier...much like the derelict hunk in which Kenya was held captive. Only five were ever built (and thus you've got two accounted for), but only one remains operational.

Who's That Bioman?
Before being plugged by Nolan, the Bioman Ulysses made a nuisance of himself in the first episode (remember, he fought Nolan?). Defiance players can discover more about this big, blue meanie through medical records within one of the EMC bunkers in the game. Additionally, players will encounter some particularly nasty Biomen.

Comrades in Arms
We get a good glimpse of the tattoo on Nolan's shoulder, which he got while serving in the military and fighting in the Pale Wars. His fellow solider there was Jon Cooper, a character in the game (their infantry was known as "The Iron Demons").


The nest of Hellbugs under Defiance caused at least two notable deaths, and any number of headaches for Datak, Nolan, and the rest of the town's citizens. Ark hunters in the Bay Area, however, should be plenty familiar with these terraforming disaster-created critters, as they're a formidable and pervasive enemy in the game.

Phear the Phermones
Rynn used attack pheromones to make the Hellbugs zero in on her targets - a technique that Nolan was able to use to save our heroes' hides in the nest when he turned the little buggers against their Matron. Could this concept make its way into the game world? Stay tuned!


Cold Fire Blues
Amanda wore her arm in a sling throughout Episode 2, an injury inflicted by a cold fire weapon during the battle with the Volge. Cold fire-wielding Volge will be one of the most dangerous enemies players face in battling around the ruins of the Bay Area. 

The World Runs on Gulanite
The luminous blue crystals mined by Rafe McCawley are raw, uncut Gulanite, which is a powerful ore that fuels much of the alien technology used on the new frontier. You'll recognize it in the game, too, since the art teams from both game and show collaborated on a unified look for the stuff.

The Defiant Few
Nolan boasts about his skills a lot in this episode, but he has the history to back it up. Not only was he in a special forces unit known as the Iron Demons, but he was one of the Defiant few that laid down arms in the Battle of Defiance. His friends and fellow soldiers in that, Jon Cooper and Tork Mork, can be found in the game. 


Nolan, Irisa and the Crystal Caper
When we first see Nolan and Irisa, they're traveling to parts unknown, hoping to get enough cash to travel to the fabled (and tropical) Antartica. What players of the game know is that Nolan and Irisa are actually traveling FROM San Francisco. There, in one of the game's very first missions, players worked with Nolan and Irisa, who had been hired to locate the valuable Libera Nova Gem. Rather than deliver the gem to their employer, Varus,  Nolan and Irisa took off with it for parts unknown – which is where we pick them up in the TV series.

The gem that Nolan activates in the fallen ark is the same Libera Nova Gem written about above. Did you catch Irisa's line "We can pay off Varus?"

Armistice Festival
Amanda led the people of Defiance in celebrating Armistice Day, which marked the end of the Pale Wars that nearly destroyed the planet. Just as they celebrate on the TV show, players in the game will witness celebratory evidence as they explore San Francisco.  

Enter the Volge
The Volge are a deadly race of bellicose aliens intentionally left behind when the Votans' system was destroyed (except – surprise –they weren't so left behind).  When they turn up, Volge are among the nastiest enemies in the game.

The 99'ers
The "99'ers" that Amanda refers to in her speech to rally the citizens of Defiance to fight the Volge? (Remember, she mentioned that they had collapsed a mining tunnel a few years earlier?). Well, the 99ers are former miners that were driven insane by toxic chemicals found deep underground. They are a frequent source of headaches for players in the game.

Ara Shondu
When Amanda is lying to her sneaky assistant Ben, she claims that she's got an upcoming meeting Ara Shondu. Shondu is the Mayor of Paradise, a settlement in the Bay Area that is featured in the game.