Christie McCawley

Nicole Munoz

Christie McCawley is the only daughter of the town's most influential citizen, Rafe McCawley. Christie never had the opportunity to meet her mother - who died shortly after Christie's birth - and from an early age took on her mother's role in the family, acting as caregiver for her father and brothers. Christie faces another challenge: an interspecies marriage to Alak Tarr, the Castithan son of two of Defiance's most influential (and notorious) citizens, Datak and Stahma Tarr.

About Nicole Munoz

Nicole Munoz is an actor and a dancer born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. With more than ten years of experience and training in the film industry, Nicole has over 60 commercial spots and 40 film and TV credits to her name. Among them are Sanctuary, Stargate: Atlantis, Fantastic Four and Hemlock Grove.

Her dance career also began at a very young age. Throughout her years as a dancer, she has branched into styles such as jazz, hip hop, ballet and contemporary.

Nicole is also a Canadian representative for the Los Angeles international convention Dance Excellence and winner of "Best Partnering" at New York City Dance Alliance.

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