Destination TruthCreatures

In 2009, Team Truth experienced their most terrifying investigation ever. The team travelled to Romania after hearing that scores of villagers witnessed strange disturbances in the notorious mountain forest of Hoia Baciu. Residents also claimed to see bright beams of white light towering skyward from the uninhabited woods at night. Two local search teams traveled into the forest and captured terrifying evidence - ghostlike human figures that appeared in their digital photos of the area even though they saw nothing with the naked eye. The DT team experienced equally disturbing and unexplained events. They recorded a series of bright lights shining through the trees. When they moved in to investigate, the lights disappeared. Even more terrifying, team member Evan Stone was suddenly launched through the woods by an unexplained force. When the team reached the disoriented cameraman, he had no idea what had happened and found deep scratches all over his arms. To date, Hoia Baciu remains the most fan requested episode for a follow-up investigation.

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