Destination TruthCreatures

Banshees are described as transparent humanoid spirits. Considered Ireland’s Angel of Death, a Banshee can appear in a variety of forms – ugly, old, and frightening, or young, and beautiful – the banshee’s appearance often signifies death. Sightings occur in abandoned castles and cemeteries. The spectre is often heralded by a telltale wail, which pierces through the silent darkness.

One of the largest incidents of Banshee activity took place in County Limerick, when excavated bones were moved to a nearby castle. The ensuing ghostly wails were described as being so piercing that they actually shattered glass. In the same county, a terrified pregnant woman claimed to see a Banshee when her husband was driving her to the hospital to
deliver. She tried to tell herself it was nothing, but upon learning of her miscarriage, she knew that what she saw that day was indeed the horrifying spirit.

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