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The Chernobyl disaster is the worst nuclear power plant accident in history and the only level-7 instance on the International Nuclear Event Scale following a massive power excursion, which destroyed the reactor here. The plant itself is in Ukraine but the exclusion zone, the huge circular safety perimeter around the plant, covers parts of Ukraine and Belarus. Inside the zone, a landscape of ruin begins to emerge. Large Soviet-style buildings frame the central plaza of the ghost town of Pripyat, where bumper cars, carnival rides and a Ferris wheel were in place to entertain the people here. They now stand unused as rusting monuments to what might have been. Stairways are covered in broken glass, paper peels from the walls and old notices on bulletin boards herald civic events from 1986. Moss and trees grow up through the upper floor of Pripyat's show-place hotel. The view today is a sweeping panorama of overgrown, tree-lined streets and decaying, abandoned buildings. On the horizon looms the infamous nuclear plant. Since it's abandonment, looters and visitors have come forward to report ghostly encounters inside this "dead zone." Apparitions of children, workers, and guards have been observed walking the abandoned streets. In an area where life has been abandoned, the dead seem to have taken up residence.

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