Destination TruthCreatures

On the remote Micronesian island of Truk lies a graveyard unlike any in the world. In February of 1944, Truk was the site of "Operation Hailstone", the US attack on the Japanese naval and air base. Catalyzed by the attack at Pearl Harbor, this naval battle struck a deadly blow to Japanese forces during WWII. The attack at Truk was merciless and once the waves calmed, thousands were dead. Now known as the Japanese "Ghost Fleet", the floor of Truk lagoon is home to over 270 aircraft, 47 ships, and hundreds of Japanese soldiers. Along with 700 species of fish, human skeletons, gas masks, weapons and tanks can be found resting in the shallow, crystal clear lagoon.

This ghostly paradise is also hiding secrets beyond just wartime remains. Recently, it has been reported that many divers have not returned after hours of exploring the underwater graveyard. Locals fear that the ghosts of the soldiers who perished in these waters have never left their posts. Furthermore, recent reports from divers and boaters claim that they can hear terrifying voices near the wreckage and that strange moving figures have been seen inside the wrecks. Locals even went so far as to host clairaudients and psychics to interact with the spirits. The mediums claim they were told to leave these waters immediately.

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