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Ever since western European explorers made their first forays into the wilderness regions of South America, there have been reports of massive, 30-foot-long anacondas.

Over the past several decades, this green, tropical reptile has been ascribed a variety of attributes, including burrowing behavior (like the minhoca) or saucerlike, phosphorescent eyes. Stories told by frightened explorers have suggested that the snake might be as large as 80 feet in length with tails up to six feet wide; some have claimed that the creature is capable of swallowing an ox whole.

Adventurer Percy Fawcett claimed to have encountered such a creature during his celebrated 1906 expedition, and he further alleged that he shot one that measured 62 feet in length. Despite many offers of generous rewards, however, no anaconda specimen measuring more than 17 feet in length has ever been presented.

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