Destination TruthCreatures

Over 2,000 years before Christ, the Chamorro first populated Micronesia's largest island. This ancient civilization had beliefs deeply rooted in the spirit world and built large rock edifices called "latte stones," which were used as the foundations of dwellings for high chiefs and Gods. The island has since survived invasion by the Spanish, capture by the Japanese during WW2, and the eventual transition into the US territory of Guam. But despite contact with so many other cultures, locals cling to traditional beliefs and continue to whisper about creatures known as the Taotaomo'na.

The Taotaomo'na is a mortal ancestral spirit — Guam's version of the zombie. Reported to be massive, strong and deformed creatures with long teeth and gaping holes in their heads. These heinous humanoids are said to only come out at night, between sunset and sunrise, and inhabit the latte ruins in a remote region of the island. When venturing into these jungles, the Chamorro people must present offerings to the Taotaomo'na, as disrespect may incur physical harm, illness or even death. Eyewitness experiences have occurred regularly since the island was first populated and ritual healing by specialized medicine women is still practiced to help save those harmed by these perilous creatures.

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