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Off the coast of Panama sits a lonely, tropical island. Once home to native Indians, the residents were subjugated by the Spanish, and forced into slavery. Hundreds of years later, the island’s dark reputation was renewed when a penal colony was constructed here in 1919. During the reign of dictator Manuel Noriega, the island became a dreaded location with a reputation for brutal conditions, extreme torture, and political murder. Prisoners were dragged by horses, or hanged from trees. Hundreds of men were executed; some were shot down in the dense jungles as they tried to escape. In recent years, rival gangs were taken to the island; photos of their headless corpses were shown in Panamanian newspapers.

So feared is Coiba that Panamanian locals avoid the island altogether, leaving it largely wild and undeveloped. Today, 75% of Coiba is covered in dense forests, and mountains. The surrounding waters are infamous for aggressive sharks and strong currents. Locals claim that though the last prisoners were offloaded from the site several years ago, the many men who died here are now haunting both the prison, and the surrounding jungles. Former prisoners talk openly about strange energy and sightings of the dead which occur among the overgrown ruins.

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