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Off the eastern shore of the island of Pohnpei, lies the ruins of a canalled city that locals have long claimed to be haunted by the primordial spirits of ancient kings. Nan Madol's legend bolds that around the 12th century AD, a dark and powerful magician who helped build the city's megalithic architecture by "flying" huge stone logs into place. Scientists have yet to determine the exact origin of these geometric rocks.

Often called the "Venice of the Pacific", The 92 man-made inlets here are all that remains of a mysterious civilization. The mysterious city abounds with uncharted corridors and overgrown, secret tombs. Nandauwas, a royal tomb compound surrounded by walls up to 25 feet high, is believed to be the origin of large spheres of light that have been spotted by locals for centuries. The spheres are thought to be restless spirits of long deceased island kings. These kings were believed to practice powerful magic and their spirits are thought to protect the watery ruins against outsiders. In 1874, the boat of a Polish anthropologist carrying artifacts from Nan Madol was shipwrecked after it departed the island. Later, in 1907, German Governor Victor Berg died mysteriously (after having been warned) while excavating a royal tomb here.

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