Destination TruthCreatures

In the last of the Aztec canals that once covered all of Mexico City, is a small patch of land called "La Isla de las Munecas". The island is a place steeped in legend and is covered with dolls in various states of disintegration which hang from trees on the banks. Three girls once visited here, and one drowned. As a result, her spirit has haunted the island ever since. The late Julián Barrera, the island's only resident, initially put up one doll to ward off this paranormal menace. Despite his supplications, the activity of the ghost only increased and, over time, more and more dolls were placed in the trees in a futile attempt to appease the spirit. He also erected a shed which houses special dolls and an altar to the ghost. The island is still considered notoriously haunted and thousands of decaying dolls now stand as testimony to the angry entity here.

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