Destination TruthCreatures

The Kappa is mysterious aquatic creature whose roots date back to ancient Shinto mythology. Arguably Japan's most famous folkloric being, the Kappa is said to have a tortoise like body, scaly skin, and webbed hands and feet. The Kappa is known to be incredibly strong and cunning with many eyewitnesses reporting its ability to camouflage, making it nearly impossible to detect. The Kappa's most notable feature is its monk-like hairstyle circling the dome of its head. The top of its skeletal crown is said to hold magical fluid, the key to the Kappa's power.

The Kappa has a dark history of luring victims into its dwelling before sucking out their insides. The creature has also been known to drown and suck the blood of livestock. There are even signs along riverbeds, warning children to stay clear of waters where Kappas are said to reside. There have been discoveries of what are purported to be Kappa mummies from several of these rivers and in the city of Tono, there is a Y10,000,000 reward to anyone who can catch a Kappa.

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