Destination TruthCreatures

Sightings of a strange reptilian monster flooded South Carolina media in 1988 when numerous accounts described near escapes by residents from this ferocious swamp creature. Along with strong eyewitness testimony, the local sheriff's department produced several casts from fresh footprints. The monster emerged again in 2004 generating similar reports, this time terrorizing a young girl. Described as a 7-foot reptilian cryptid, the animal is said to have a grotesque appearance, with green scaly skin, and glowing, red eyes. Reports also detail claw lined hands and feet, which end in a circular pad, allowing the beast to stick to surfaces. The creature is thought to possess an incredible degree of strength, and lurks somewhere in the murky swamps of Scape Ore. A $1 million reward has been offered to anybody who can secure definitive evidence of the animal.

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