Destination TruthCreatures

Atop an isolated rock plateau in the inhospitable and desolate Judean desert, sits the mighty mountaintop ruins of Masada. The crumbling palaces and fortifications here were witness to one of the most infamous sieges in the history of the ancient world. After the Great Jewish Revolt of 66AD, 960 rebels, comprised of men, women, and children, fled the Roman army to make a futile last stand on this 1,300 ft. mesa, surrounded on all sides by sheer cliffs. After several failed attempts to summit, via the single, steep and winding path, the Romans began construction of a massive ramp that would allow their troops to reach the top and punch through the city walls. After nearly a yearlong standoff, the Romans completed the ramp only to find every last person in the city, dead - a mass suicide by the zealots, who preferred death to surrender.

Ancient Jewish belief dictates that victims of suicide are denied peace after death and many see Masada as the epicenter of intense paranormal activity, as the restless and trapped souls of those who perished here curse this soaring fortress high above the boiling desert sands.

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