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One of the most feared mystery beasts to roam the forests of Africa is the Mgwa, or "strange one." Said to be a gigantic, ferocious predator, the Mgwa reaches lengths of up to 8 feet and weighs up to 400 pounds. This gray colored, nocturnal man-eater stalks and kills its prey with razor sharp claws, bone-crushing fangs, and long powerful legs. With a torso the girth of a horse and a head like a sabertooth tiger, the glowing red eyes of this elusive predator are sometimes the last thing the locals ever see. The blood-curdling howls that this beast makes have instilled terror and panic in the villagers who have heard its calls in the darkness.

Local tribes claim that although the animal's cry is similar to a lion or a leopard, that this is a wholly unique monster. Multiple sets of unique, saucer-like tracks have been recovered with two-inch toenail marks. Described as the terror of the coastlands, the beast has been spotted by natives for centuries, though Western sightings in the early 1900's brought global attention the story. The existence of the Mngwa is doubtless in the minds of natives who continue to encounter this ruthless predator. Popular local hunting songs mention the lion, the leopard, and the Mngwa as three very different creatures, and the animal is a staple of old Swahili war songs that date back to 1150. Reported to live in dense forests along the coast of Tanzania. Long rains in April/May cause road conditions to suffer.
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