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The Nandi Beast is considered one of the most notorious cryptozoological creatures on the African continent. Hailed as Africa's most vicious beast, the Nandi Beast is named for the Nandi people among whom it was reported to have lived in western Kenya. It is described as having the body of a large lion, sharp teeth, and huge claws. A ferocious 4 legged massive carnivore with high front shoulders and a sloping back, the beast is known to eat villagers and has a special appetite for human brains with its sharp teeth and huge claws. In the dead of night locals report hearing a fearful howl unlike any other in the jungle. Experts theorize that the animal might be a relative of the extinct Atlas Bear that once thrived in Morocco. Author Frank Lane wrote that, "What the Abominable Snowman is to Asia, or the great Sea Serpent is to the oceans, the Nandi Beast is to Africa. It is one of the most notorious of legendary beasts which have, so far, eluded capture and the collector's rifle."

Reports of the creature in the 1900's propelled various Western expeditions to take up the search, but no explorer was able to level a rifle at the beast and bring home proof of its existence. Recent eyewitnesses in the Nandi Tribe say the beast lives deep within the Rift Valley, which includes some of the highest and most remote mountains in Africa. The tribe are fearful to speak of the "brain eaters," because of powerful superstitions.

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