Destination TruthCreatures

In the swamps of Gambia resides an artifact of West African folklore. According to legend, if a child is too disobedient and goes into the swamp, the Ninki Nanka will take him.

There are varying descriptions of the creature, but most concur that the animal is reptilian, with an equine face and reflective scales.  A study by the Centre for Fortean Zoology in the U.K. in 2006 have found that few first-hand accounts of the creature exist. Many of the people who claim to have seen the Ninki Nanka die within a few weeks of the sighting. One man, a park ranger who credits his survival to an herbal potion given to him by an Islamic holy man, described the creature as having a face that resembled a Chinese dragon.

Is the Ninki Nanka folklore, reality or both? Josh and his team head to Africa to find the answers.

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