Destination TruthCreatures

On a seemingly normal day in AD 79, the lavish city of Pompeii was decimated by the massive eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius. When the volcano finally fell quiet, the entire population of 25,000 people were buried alive and the city was vanished from the face of the earth. Once a thriving cultural center, Pompeii now stands frozen in time, preserved for millennia under 60 feet of volcanic pumice. Since its accidental discovery in 1748, subsequent excavations have unearthed a phantom metropolis and a city-sized graveyard. Using a novel excavation technique, archaeologists were able to make plaster casts of the citizens who were engulfed by the volcanic ash. Once excavated, these death-statues reveal ghastly and lifelike models of the perished population. Site workers have also long reported hearing terrifying screams on the abandoned streets. Howling has been heard from the 2-story brothel, and low moaning emanates from the Temple of Isis. So compelling is the story of Pompeii that team Truth are not the only people from Hollywood to have taken an interest in the city; James Cameron, recently bought the rights to the book, "Ghosts of Vesuvius."

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