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The Sal'awa is a cryptozoological animal which first appeared in the corners of Cairo in the 60's and 70's. Described by highly emotional eyewitnesses as a canine monster that's about the size of a dog with hind legs that are somewhat longer than its front legs, a large muzzle that "resembles that of a hyena" and imposing, sharp teeth. However, neither veterinarians nor zoologists in Egypt can account for what locals have been seeing. Reports of the Sal'awa reappeared in 1996 in Armant Village, in upper Egypt, Cairo, and Alexandria. Then, in 2007, the creature reappeared in Almarg, killing and injuring locals. In 2008, in Aswan, it attacked a 3 year old baby girl and a 57 year old man, who died after reaching the hospital.

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