Destination TruthCreatures

Yeren is the Chinese translation of "wild-man," and he's purported to be lurking in the shrouded, mountainous forests of China's remote Hubei province. Covered in reddish-brown hair, there have been nearly four hundred documented sightings since the 1920s of this unknown hominid. For decades the government has taken a keen interest in the creatures, distributing posters, asking for sightings accounts and physical evidence, as well as supporting scientists who choose to study the mythic animal. One Chinese expedition claimed to have found a dozen nests and other circumstantial evidence of the creature. It is interesting to note that many of the descriptions bear resemblance to the extinct Gigantopithecus, which once inhabited the region. The area is lined with caves, some of which have yielded up fossilized bones of this prehistoric animal.
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