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Haunted Village and Naga
Season 1 - Episode 102
Haunted Village and Naga
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Thailand: The Haunting

Josh and his team travel to Thailand to investigate reports of spooked villagers bringing in professional ghost-hunters to track down increasingly active spirits haunting their surroundings.


Josh and his local guide and translator, Tom, head to the Khon Kaen province, where the sightings are occurring. They meet in a field with ghost-hunters Vimolrat and Somkovy, who immediately detect a spirit. With Josh's help, they trap the wayward ghost in a tube covered with a holy cloth.


Not quite won over by his ghost-hunting experience, Josh visits the cemetery believed to be the area's most haunted location. A local monk blesses the team's plan to investigate and warns Josh that howling dogs or a foul, noxious smell in the air foretell a spirit's appearance.


Despite Tom's objections, Josh opens the crematorium said to be the focal point of paranormal activity. The team sets up camp and surrounds the area with thermal-imaging cameras. Josh places a microphone inside the crematorium.


During the night, the crew hears howling dogs and other creepy sounds, but a thermal-imaging survey turns up no ghostly evidence. Then the microphone in the crematorium picks up a scraping noise that Josh calls "terrifying." When he investigates, there is no visual evidence, but there is a previously undetected odor of burning garbage.


Thailand: Phaya Naga

Convinced they've gotten all the evidence they can, Josh and his team break camp and send the audio evidence to a forensics lab in California. In the meantime, they remain in Northeast Thailand to investigate the legend of the naga, a serpentine creature said to inhabit the waters of the Mekong River on the border with Laos.


After reaching the border city of Nong Khai, Josh meets with a witness who provides pictures of some scaly tracks that allegedly were cleaned away by the naga itself. A second witness shows Josh the site where she claims to have seen the naga protecting the sunken remains of a religious structure called a pagoda, and a third witness provides two videos that Josh acknowledges depict some sort of creature. A local marine biologist tells Josh that it's possible the witnesses have actually seen a giant catfish.


Josh and his crew spend a night on the Mekong, trying to get video of the naga, but the river is too cloudy to capture any underwater imagery. A sudden thrashing in the water causes a brief stir, but the night-vision camera doesn't catch anything. After reviewing the evidence, Dr. Andrew Engilis, a zoologist at the University of California–Davis, is skeptical that any of the witness accounts can be tied to the naga.


Josh returns to the United States to follow up on the ghost evidence. Audio forensics specialists confirm that the sounds recorded in the crematorium are whispering voices. Josh takes the recording to a local translator, who says the voices are a warning: "Everybody get out of here." Josh comes away a fervent believer that authentic paranormal activity is at work in Thailand's haunted village.

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