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Yowie and Haunted Mosque
Season 2 - Episode 207
Yowie and Haunted Mosque
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Australia — Queensland: The Yowie

In the Australian wilderness, a so-far unidentified something creeps around. This creature, the Yowie, resembles the Himalayan Yeti and the North American Bigfoot. Like its overseas mythical cousins, this bizarre hybrid is said to be supremely elusive and a mix of human and ape. But the Yowie is a nocturnal scavenger.

Having previously gotten some evidence of Bigfoot, Josh hopes for a similar breakthrough.

Malaysia: Mosque Haunting

An abandoned mosque in the jungles on the Malaysian peninsula is reported to be home of an evil spirit. Villagers in the region, including a powerful imam, won't even approach the mosque after sundown. Josh and his team travel to Kuala Lumpur to investigate this haunted ruin.

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