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Haunted Cave and Burrunjor
Season 2 - Episode 209
Haunted Cave and Burrunjor
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Australia: Burrunjor

In Australia, an Aboriginal story tells of a creature called the Burrunjor. It walks on two legs and has two small forearms. This creature is said to be dangerous and is about 25 feet long.

According to reports, cattle ranchers in Northern Australia have found many of their cattle killed or half-eaten by a mysterious animal. The ranchers found giant bipedal tracks, some heard thunderous roars, and others heard it crashing through the jungle at night. A farmer recently saw a Burrunjor from a distance of about 60-70 meters (around 250 feet). Some farmers have left the area. A tracker later gave an account that he saw a huge reptile walking on two legs through a swamp near the Gulf Coast.

New Guinea, Boliva, and South America have sightings of similar creatures. Huge three-toed footprints from a large bipedal reptile have been found near Narooma, New South Wales. Rex Gilroy confirmed the find and made a plaster cast of one of the tracks. The track was approximately 2 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet long. Is a dinosaur roaming around in the Australian Outback? With the help of Aborigines and an exploration of the harh Australian frontier — we may just find out.

Indonesia: Haunted Cave

In the most remote corner of Indonesia is a mysterious cave that is both revered and reviled by local villagers. In one of the two entrances, villagers make offerings to the protective spirits that reside within and are alternately terrified of approaching the other opening. Regional news reports indicate that this cave is believed to be the source of great power and Josh and his team are compelled to investigate.

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