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Chullachaqui/The Bermuda Triangle
Season 3 - Episode 306
Chullachaqui/The Bermuda Triangle
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Peru: Chullachaqui

The Mission: For this investigation, Josh and his crew are joined by Ghost Hunters International investigators Dustin Pari and Robb Demarest. The adventurers voyage together to an isolated location of Peru where a jungle creature, known as the Chullachaqui, is causing panic amongst the villagers.

The Adventure: The Chullachaqui is often preceded by a whistling sound, stands at about three to four feet high, has sharp teeth and makes up for its small stature with its extreme speed. When the entire crew arrives to Peru, they meet with a local professor who's been tracking recent sightings of the monster. They then travel by boat up the Madre de Dios river to speak to with indigenous people who have had the most contact with the beast. A village shaman points them in the direction they'll need to travel in order to make a sighting of the Chullachaqui. The crew utilizes the last few hours of daylight and heads into the thick of the jungle.

They set up four infrared cameras in a 500-kilometer radius near the perimeters of base camp, and four trap cameras were also set up further out to capture images of anything that came within 50 feet of the lenses. Knowing that the world's second most venomous snake calls the Peruvian rain forest home, Josh, Dustin and Robb tread lightly into the thick to do a general sweep of the area. Back at base camp Sharra hears loud clicking noises about 30 feet behind her. Meanwhile Josh, Dustin and Robb are also hearing the same sounds in their area. Then suddenly, something comes flying through the trees. Since there human intuitions can't decipher whether or not it's a bird, bat or ticked off Chullachaqui swinging from trees they break out the reinforcement of some tech savvy devices.

Josh and Dustin going west with the parabolic dish to see if they will be able to track the noises they are hearing. While Jael and Robb head in the opposite direction to set up a trap camera near the area where Sharra heard loud clicking noises. But Just as Jael and Robb are about to make their retreat back to base camp they hear an extremely loud crash. Later on, Jael goes back to this area with Dustin to investigate the culprit of the sound and finds that seven pictures were taken by the trap camera—hopefully one of which contains a visual of the Chullachaqui.

Later on Josh continues to hear the undeniable sound of whistling and decides to explore the swamps waters with Robb and Mike in tow. They scan the area but aside from a pair of eyes (that could admittedly belong to anything— this is the jungle…) there nautical search doesn't turn up any particular results.

In an unexpected turn of events Josh falls into quicksand when exiting the boat. After being freed with the help of Mike and Robb he makes another startling discovery. They spot fresh footprint's that appear to belong to a hoofed animal. They take a cast of the prints for later investigations. And in another fluke finding, the group happens upon a tooth near the water, which they collect as part of their evidence. Nature has the last word on this mission with thunderstorms so the team decides to wrap the investigation.

The Findings: Back in the States, Josh speaks with former curator of the Los Angeles zoo, Mike Dee. Unfortunately, he and Josh are unable to make out the images taken by the trap camera because the figure moved past the lens too quickly. Yet Dee was able to confirm that whatever animal left the footprints, is a descendant of the pig. The tooth Josh found on site also supports this statement.

Coincidentally feral pigs also roam the Peruvian jungle and after piecing together evidence with eyewitness accounts, it seems that locals could be confusing the notorious Chullachaqui with a giant piece of bacon. In sum, Josh is hesitant to say whether or not the Chullachaqui does or does not exist.

Atlantic Ocean: Bermuda Triangle

The Mission: The Bermuda Triangle hysteria reached its height 50 years go. Many believe that the area between Bermuda, Miami, Puerto Rico and the Atlantic Ocean are hot spots for extreme levels of paranormal activity. But until recently, the Triangle had not been living up to his reputation of being the most feared area in the sky. Josh and the team received reports of a passenger plane carrying 12 people vanishing on its way to the Bahamas. Since disappearing, no one's had communication with the pilot and no wreckage has been found, leaving the flight's final destination to be a mystery for now.

The Adventure: The team flies into the Bahamas in search of the missing plane and answers about the mysterious triangle. Since the triangle covers more than half a million square miles of open ocean, searching for paranormal spots proves to be a great feat. Perturbed by the mystery of it all, but not discouraged, the team plans to challenge the triangle by charting a course through each known coordinate where aircrafts or vessels have vanished before.

Josh decides to take to the air alone while the team stays on land to chart his progress. He uses an EMF detector, magnetometer and GPS locator to tag any anomalous fields in the triangle near the Providenciales where the passenger plan recently vanished. All appeared to be going well until Josh was returning from Puerto Rico approaching the Bahamas. Suddenly the instrumentation in Josh's plane began to go bad and the cloud mass increased making it impossible to see out of the windows and he also loses his communication with the team.

By luck, the plane resurfaces. While aboard, Josh notices that his magnetometer received high magnetic fluctuations over three specific coordinates near Bimini Island, so the team heads there in search of the truth. After surveying the first two GPS markers in north Bimini, the crew ventures to the third and final coordinate that received the highest level of electromagnetic energy. When the reach the South Bimini location they set up base camp.

Josh, Evan and Mike head to the waters to investigate and end up right on top of the area he charted from the plan. Suddenly his compass begins spinning around in circle and the EMF detector reacts and the team find themselves stranded. Back at base camp Bisha and Sharra notice an anomaly on the camera. Bisha and Gabe go to investigate but can't find any logical explanation as to what's in front of the device. As they try to find their way back to base camp they get lost in the thick of the woods. So when Josh and the team are able to get back ashore, they stage a search party for Gabe and Bisha. After nearly an hour of searching, Bisha and Gabe are recovered.

The Findings: With the crew getting lost, Josh's boat nearly being swept to sea, the equipment going haywire and the strange image caught on the infrared camera, the Destination Truth team emphatically believe that a mysterious force truly is at work in the Bermuda Triangle.


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