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Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun
Season 3 - Episode 310
Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun
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The Case: Masada, the last stand of 960 Jewish rebels— men, women, and children— against the forces of Rome. Rather than surrender, these rebels committed suicide. According to the locals, Masada is still haunted by the restless spirits of those who died there. Sightings of strange orbs and unexplainable black masses had been reported along the mesa. Archaeologists studying the site have reported the sounds of voices and echoes of the epic siege on the wind.

According to Danny Herman, an archaeologist with experience on the mount, nobody goes to Masada at night today. Josh and his team will be the first to spend the night on Masada investigating these reports. The feeling when you come to Masada is fear. The energy of what happened is still there. Josh is warned that he will see angels and ghosts.

The Adventure: The team makes the two-mile hike up to the top of the mesa, just in time to set up base camp. Splitting into two groups; one takes the south and east, where strange lights and sounds have been reported, while the other (including Josh) takes the synagogue, where many have reported seeing apparitions and hearing voices.

The synagogue holds interesting things for the team. Ryder hears footsteps in the distance and sees movement along the ridge around them. Josh gets a hit on the FLIR, but it vanishes like smoke. Bobby and Rex hear drums in three-hit intervals, almost like war drums. There is no sign of anyone making the noise.

The Findings: Near the Northern Palace, Josh and Ryder are startled by a shaking of the very wooden footpath where they stand. Josh sees a dark mass on the FLIR beneath their feet.

The Leprechaun

The Case: For thousands of years, leprechauns have been a part of our world. Known to both Celtic settlers and Viking invaders, the leprechaun is believed to be a member of the faerie world. They're spotted mostly at night in the countryside. According to reports, these two-foot high humanoids with long, pointed ears and deeply weathered faces often have reddish hair and an overgrown beard. Some reports have given them translucent skin, but most have noted their speed in motion.

According to a local folklorist, the best way to find a leprechaun is to seek them out at night; look in glens, ditches, caves; but, most important of all, the team needs to be open to the leprechaun.

The Adventure: A local pub owner claims to have the skeleton of a leprechaun. Will he tempt bad luck and allow the team to test it? The team finds a fairy ring where a sighting has been reported. These circular grassy areas, with walls often of stone, are fabled doors to the underworld, and places locals don't enter.

The Findings: The team finds a red hot organic substance on the FLIR that steams in their hand, but is cold to the touch. The investigation proceeds as though the leprechauns don't want to be found. A FLIR hit disappears behind a tree, gone without a trace when the team arrives at the location. Josh and Ryder find a cave, only to have water come rushing in and force them out before they get very far. Josh finds bones and a joint that are perhaps part of a leg.

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