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Ghosts of the Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid
Season 3 - Episode 311
Ghosts of the Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid
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The Mermaid

The Case: In Kiryat Yam, Israel, there is a very large check for a million dollars waiting for photographic proof, proof of a mermaid. Dozens of locals have reported something that scared them at close range. A creature with a body covered in scales, the lower half ending in a fluked tail that splashed in the waves at sunset. The accounts detail a humanoid torso, with limbs and webbed appendages. The creature has an anthropomorphic face, wide-set eyes, and razor sharp teeth. Even though sightings of a humanoid sea creature date back 3,000 years, Greek Sirens these creatures are most certainly not.

The Adventure: One of the locals who reported contact with the mermaid of Kiryat Yam is sure it's not a fish. According to him, two hands grabbed his legs under the water. North of Kiryat Yam are a series of caves where the creature has been reported, south are undersea ruins that are prime hiding spots for a creature wanting to remain out of the public eye. The caves prove dangerous, with powerful waves and unpredictable flooding. When the underwater camera is lowered to scan the floors, there is no evidence of habitation.

The Findings: Near In the ruins, the hydrophone picks up a high-pitch squeal. At the same time, there's a hit on the fish finder. But they both disappear just as fast as they appeared. There is very little sea life in the area. There are almost no fish on the initial inspection. In the bay, something like shoulders and a head appears above the water on the thermal imager. It just stands there looking at them, then disappears. With more than 1,000 new marine species discovered last year alone, the team is left to question what exactly is cruising the waters of the Kiryat Yam?

The Great Wall

The Case: The Great Wall of China. Legend says it's one of the few man-made structures visible from space. Stretching for 4,000 miles across the north of China, it's estimated that more than a million soldiers died building and defending the wall. Fifty miles north of Beijing lies "The Wild Wall," a portion of the Wall that has more than a few dark corners. Locals report strange apparitions as well as the sounds of marching footsteps on the wind.

Recently, several hikers have died along this portion of the wall. Those deaths were chalked up to fatal falls and lightning strikes, but not everyone believes the reports. Could the spirits of the million soldiers be seeking revenge? A local tour guide refuses to go to the Wall, claiming his brother had a close encounter— he began spinning uncontrollably, believed he was possessed by evil spirits. None of the local villagers will go up to the Wall alone, believing something very unfortunate will happen if they do.

The Adventure: Josh and his team will be the first expedition to spend the night investigating these supernatural reports on "The Wild Wall." At the spot where the deaths occurred, villagers have reported ghostly encounters with long-dead soldiers. Josh sees cat-like movement in the distance on the FLIR. Perhaps a bobcat?

The Findings: There's a crashing noise in the distance. The smell of fire, but it's too far away to be the fire at the team's base camp. Is there anything on the FLIR? An animal call sounds in the distance. Could that be what the villagers report hearing? The moment that stops Josh in his tracks, though, is feeling someone — or something— messing around with video equipment in his backpack. Nobody is near him.

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