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The New Jersey Devil/The Yeren
Season 3 - Episode 312
The New Jersey Devil/The Yeren
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The New Jersey Devil

The Case: For this investigation, Team Truth welcomes Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters. The New Jersey Devil is one of America's oldest legendary creatures, with sightings going back over 300 years. It's said that the Devil was the thirteenth child born to Mother Leeds back in the 1700s. The origin story of this "dark prince" is clearly folkloric.

The Adventure: Sightings of the New Jersey Devil have occurred almost exclusively in the Pine Barrens, a forest which makes up one-fifth of the state. It's an ungainly monster, reported to make a ferocious noise as he hunts. Its large frame is supported by leathery, bat-like wings that span over ten feet. It has cloven hooves, an equine head and glowing red eyes that pierce through the darkness. One eyewitness is sure that it wasn't an owl that flew over her car. She claims to have never seen anything like it before. Another eyewitness claims it's far too big to be a bird.

In a museum devoted to the Jersey Devil, the team finds biological remains that were collected at the turn of the century and are reported to be from a dead Jersey Devil. Team Truth is allowed to test the DNA from these remains.

The Findings: The team believes their best chance of catching the creature is in flight, so they take to the air as well as find a fire tower that rises above the tree canopy. Something briefly decides to greet the team, as a creature comes up through the canopy and ducks right back down again. A large branch that has no reason to fall comes tumbling out of the trees. In the distance, there is a howling like coyotes, but behind it is a wailing or screaming. The team finds that perhaps something does lurk within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

The Yeren

The Case: Yeren is a term meaning "wild man". It is also the name of China's answer to Bigfoot.Said to inhabit the mountains of central China, the Yeren is reported to stand on two feet, and ranges from 6-8 feet in height. It has a bulky frame, a thick neck and deep-set dark eyes. Elongated arms and hands end in four long fingers and an opposable thumb. They are extremely aggressive and prone to attacking humans. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has even ordained the Committee for the Search of Rare and Strange Creatures in an attempt to study the Yeren. They have, unfortunately, not released any photographic proof of the Yeren's existence. Still, the willingness to commit resources lends credibility to the legend.

The Adventure: Team Truth sails up the Yangtzee River from Three Gorges Dam to Badong, where they then drive up to Shennongjia National Park. Half of the park's 1,200 square mile preserve is closed to foreign tourists, but that won't stop Team Truth.

They trek on foot up to an area called Stone Forest, the heart of the reported sightings. It's the highest altitude of the area. As they walk, they spot a cave near the footpath. The cave glows red hot on the thermal imager. Inside, the team finds dripping water and rocks falling from the ceiling. Branches nearby are broken and pushed down by something big and powerful. A shadow comes a little too close to Gabe, startling Jael and freaking Gabe out.

The Findings: Heat signatures disappear just as quickly as they appear. The sound of branches snapping underfoot fills the air. Rocks fall from the ceiling of the cave. The team believes that they've found the presence of the Yeren deep within the Chinese forests.

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