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Ghosts of Petra/Lizard Man
Season 3 - Episode 314
Ghosts of Petra/Lizard Man
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Ghosts of Petra

The Case: Carved into the canyon by the Nabateans more than 2,500 years ago, Petra has been crowned one of the new seven wonders of the world. Guards at the site have heard whispered voices over the desert winds and seen mysterious inky shadows. Locals blame the djinn, ghosts that haunt the recesses of burial chambers are have the power to posses humans.

Djinn are both ethereal and corporeal entities. There have been reports of things that appeared like human, but are not real. Sometimes, though, it's a simple case of seeing nothing, but hearing someone repeating your name when you're alone.

The Adventure: Team Truth ventures between the Djinn Blocks, down through the mile-long Siq and up to the Treasury of Petra. That night, as they are investigating, even Josh is spooked by the sound of a rock falling from the ceiling of the cavern. Yet, there are no loose rocks visible. The team is also taken by the sound of metal knives and rocks being thrown, but Mike, who'd been outside the cavern, couldn't hear anything.

During an EVP session, the Josh hears the clear sound of someone chanting in the distance. It almost sounds like someone moaning on the wind. When he asks, "Is anyone here?" he gets a clearly audible response: "Yes."

The Findings: While Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant can't discount that a rock might have fallen elsewhere in the cave, they think it's easily possible that Josh's rock might be something.

It's the audio evidence at Petra that speaks the loudest. Chanting and voices in isolated locations? Josh may have some of the clearest-ever audio evidence that is hard to explain away.

Lizard Man

The Case: 1988, a young man encounters a creature described as half-man, half-lizard. He claims it charged his car before retreating into the darkness. A few days later, another report comes in of a similar attack on a second vehicle. Then the creature disappears.

Until recently, in the Scape Ore Swamp area of South Carolina, another car was reported attacked. Described as half-reptile, half-man; six feet in height, with a powerful jaw, the creature is said to have green scaly skin and piercing red eyes. Its calling card, however, is its distinct three-fingered footprints.

The Adventure: In search of local stories, Team Truth papers the main street of Bishopville, South Carolina with fliers for a town meeting, asking locals to share their stories.

According to Frank Mitchell, a local pilot who has spotted the creature in the daylight, there are a lot of places in the Scape Ore Swamp area where a creature could survive and never be seen.

As Josh and Ryder are out investigating, Josh sees a small speck on the thermal moving around in the distance. Shortly after, the perimeter alarm at base camp sounds.

A gunshot in the distance causes Ryder and Josh to nearly jump out of their skins.When they reach the perimeter alarm transmitter, Ryder gets the scare of a lifetime as something is in the bushes when they get there. There's the sound of a low growl just a few feet of them.

The Findings: Tracks in the area appear canine. Josh believes it might be a coyote. That would fit with the growling as well. The damaged car is interesting. Current lizards have straight teeth. This couldn't even be a crocodile who did the damage. Footprints from earlier investigation are identical, and therefore fake. Could the Lizard Man be a harmless hoax? Possibly.


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