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Sandstorm Spirits/Cerro Azul Monster
Season 4.5 - Episode 411
Sandstorm Spirits/Cerro Azul Monster
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Sandstorm Spirits

The Case: In Kolmanskop, a remote southern province of Namibia, Germans once erected a small diamond-mining town.  The town has been uninhabited for more than half a century but recent reports say that the area is haunted.  Could these be the ghosts of the many miners who lost their lives in the unforgiving heat of the dessert?

The Adventure: For this mission, Josh enlists the help of Fact or Faked investigator, Jael, to help the team out.  After a twenty-hour flight from Los Angeles to Swakopmund, Namibia, Josh and the team find it hard to believe they’re in Africa.  The German influences on architecture are still very strong.  After meeting with a local who claims to have experienced a supernatural presence while hiking through Kolmanskop, Josh and crew drive twelve hours across the scorching dessert to see the town for themselves.  After setting up base camp, the team settles in to investigate. During the night, the team fights through mounds of sand and has a few very close encounters of the unusual kind.

The Findings: Back in LA, Josh analyzes the data with interesting results.  Based on the number of strange occurrences: a bloody nose, difficulty breathing, and a disembodied voice, Gates concludes that there is definitely something supernatural happening at Kolmanskop.

Cerro Azul Monster

The Case:  In 2009, there was a report of a strange, hairless animal attacking a group of boys in a Panamanian town called Cerro Azul.  The boys reportedly killed the animal by throwing rocks at it but when they returned, the animal was gone.  Could there be a strange new form of life in Panama?

The Adventure: Josh and Team Truth travel 1,900 miles to Panama City, where they commander a multicolored (and possibly stolen) school bus.  After a few tourist stops, the team is ready to get to work by interviewing n employee of The Smithsonian who points out that Panama was once filled with unusual animals.  Next, the team found the actual boys who reported the incident and follow their directions to a mysterious cave.  Feeling the need for some expert input, Gates stops by a local Indian village and learns that the Indians are very aware of the beast.  Once the team makes it across a nearby river, they set up base camp.  During the night, they have a close encounter with a venomous snake, hear some strange howling noises, and explore a series of caves that offer quite a few shocking surprises.  Meanwhile, back at base camp, a perimeter breach turns out to be a slow moving sloth.

The Findings:  Back at Destination Truth headquarters, Josh analyzes his findings.  Since his team didn’t find anything conclusive, they returned to the original photographs and brought them to Mike D, the former curator of the Los Angeles Zoo, who concludes that the mysterious beast is most likely a hairless sloth.


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