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Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast
Season 4 - Episode 401
Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast
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Poltergeists of Pompeii

The Case: The ancient Roman city of Pompeii in Naples, Italy was a beautiful, thriving place with just one problem: it was built at the base of Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano. Eventually, Vesuvius erupted, killing many of the Pompeii residents instantly and covering the entire town with a massive layer of ash. It was a full 1,000 years before Pompeii was finally unearthed, revealing a city frozen during its most catastrophic moment. Since then, tourists, night watchmen, and local residents have all reported significant paranormal activity at the site. Could the souls of all those Pompeii residents still be haunting the ground they perished on?

The Adventure: 6,300 miles away from Los Angeles is Rome, Italy and that's where Josh and the team travel to begin their investigation. But first they decide to take in some of the classic sights like the Coliseum and a nearby fountain that proves to be very romantic, so to speak. Tour complete, the team jumps on a train headed south to the 2,000-year-old city of Naples. Haunted again by his perennial bad luck with cars, Gates and crew struggle to make the drive from Naples to Pompeii.

In Pompeii, Josh interviews a watchman who claims to have heard screaming at night. Then he visits the Naples Museum, where he learns a grisly truth: the volcanic ash over Pompeii actually solidified around the residents, creating perfect impressions of their dead and dying bodies. On the nearby island of Ischia, Josh seeks out a woman known to conjure the ghosts of Pompeii residents. Josh is shocked when she advises him to climb down into Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that started it all, to locate a special lava rock that must be presented at the temple of Isis in order to see the spirits.

As night falls, the Team Truth heads to the center of Pompeii to set up their high-tech equipment. Josh splits the crew into two teams and each has interesting results. While Josh and his team catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure, the other team sets up an EVP recorder next to a skeleton to capture any sounds not audible to their ears. Later, one of Josh's devices lights up right before he tries to communicate with any spirits who might be present. These haunting discoveries, however, pale in comparison to the horror Ally feels when she hears footsteps running behind her.

The Findings: After returning to Truth headquarters in Los Angeles, the team decides to share their evidence with Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters. Jay and Grant are astounded by the quality of the paranormal evidence that Josh and his team were able to bring home. So, with the support of TAPS, Josh concludes that there could very well be tortured spirits roaming in the land of Pompeii.

Nandi Beast

The Case: Legend has it that in the forests of western Kenya there lives a ferocious animal that feeds on human brains. Named for the nearby Nandi tribe, which claims to have hunted the animal, the story of the vicious Nandi Bear has existed in African folklore for more than one hundred years. Recently, there seems to been a new rash of Nandi Bear sightings in Kenya's Rift Valley. The question is: are the villagers seeing the mysterious Nandi Bear, or something else?

The Adventure: After packing up their trademark high-tech gear (including a new gadget, the state-of-the-art "Bear-Talkie"), Josh and his merry band of paranormal hunters, saddle up to fly 10,000 miles east of Los Angeles to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. And that's just the beginning of their trip. After transferring all their gear to a jeep, they drive another two hundred miles to the Nandi Hills region of Kenya to begin their search.

Once in Nandi Hills, Josh interviews a local historian who claims that his family once hunted and killed a Nandi Bear. The team then heads to the 100-year-old Nandi Bears Golf Club to learn more about the animal from the club's president. After the interview, Josh decides his crew should decompress by hitting the links —or trying to —before they set out to track the Nandi Bear down.

The dense forest near the border of Kenya and of Uganda make a perfect place for the Nandi Bear to hide, so the crew flies to a village on the outskirts of the forest. In the village, the tribal chief welcomes them warmly and gives them details about where to find the Nandi Bear. Armed with new knowledge and a dubious tribal method for warding off injury, Team Truth hikes into the forest to set up camp inside their electronic perimeter.

During their evening's search, the team encounters a female lion with her cubs (a potentially dangerous situation), a herd of Zebras, and a cave with evidence of recent digging, but things really get intense when the camp's perimeter alarm goes off and an animal closes in on Vanessa, who is alone at base camp. The team rushes back and searches for the beast. They find animal tracks but the creature has completely vanished.

The Findings: Back in Los Angeles at headquarters, the team takes a look at the night's film footage and finds a distinct set of animal eyes looking at Vanessa. On the trap cameras, which take pictures when they detect movement, Josh finds images of a hyena, which closely resembles the description of the Nandi Bear. Based on his evidence, Josh concludes that the Nandi Bear is probably a very large hyena.

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