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Spirits of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster
Season 4 - Episode 402
Spirits of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster
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Spirits of Angkor Wat

The Case: By day, the 800-year-old temple known as Angkor Wat is one of Cambodia's most treasured national landmarks and tourist attractions but, by night, could it be ground zero for the region's angriest spirits? That's certainly the belief of many visitors to Angkor, a sprawling forty square mile complex of stone palaces, shrines, and ruins. In the center of this compound sits Angkor Wat, a 12th century structure originally designed as a Hindu temple, which now holds the distinction of being the largest religious building in the world. Equally impressive is the massive, 600-foot wide moat that separates Angkor from the mainland. Might this moat be an ancient attempt to keep the bad spirits away from the local people? Sounds like a case for Team Truth.

The Adventure: Josh rallies his troops to travel 8,000 miles from Los Angeles CA to Siem Reap, Cambodia to conduct the very first paranormal investigation of Angkor Wat. After taking in some of the more exotic local sights, including a unique "living" pedicure, the team gets down to business by interviewing two people who claim that the angry spirits of the Angkor temple physically attacked them. Next Josh finds a local shaman who advises him to assemble a very specific offering if he is serious about seeing the Angkor Wat spirits. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Josh and his crew also take part in a beautiful ceremony to ward off dangerous spirits.

Paranormal wish list complete, the team leaves civilization behind and crosses the wide moat around Angkor. As the sun sets, they hunker down to await nightfall and any spirits that might come to visit. The deities of Angkor Wat definitely do not disappoint. Not only does Josh capture a thermal recording of a figure with no body temperature ducking away from him but, almost simultaneously, Gabe catches sight of a white shape dashing from one room to another. Add a few unidentifiable sounds, a disembodied light, a recording of an eerie voice, and a creaky staircase that never seems to end, and you have the ingredients for a very haunting experience.

The Findings: Back at Destination Truth headquarters in Los Angeles, the team immediately analyzes the audio captured by the EVP recorder, a device used to capture sounds that are undetectable by the human ear. The results are shocking. Not only did the EVP catch a female voice telling the team to "keep off," there is a second recording answering their question, "do you want us to leave?" with a very clear "yes" — ample evidence to suggest that the spirits of Angkor Wat are here to stay and none too keen about entertaining houseguests.

Ogopogo Lake Monster

The Case: A 36-year-old fisherman just vanished in Canada's Okanagan Lake. Even worse, this is but one in a string of disappearances reported to have occurred in the same area of this body of water. The local rumor mill has it that all of these disappearances are the deadly handiwork of the Ogopogo, a huge amphibious beast, which has been documented in the annals of Canadian history for the past 1,000 years. The epicenter of Ogopogo sightings is the ominously named Rattlesnake Island, a small rock outcropping in the lake. Someone has to get to the bottom of this.

The Adventure: Josh and the team board a flight that takes them 1,100 miles away from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. From there, the group attempts to drive many more miles to Kelowna, the town adjacent to the infamous Okanagan Lake. Unfortunately, their SUV has other ideas. After a harrowing trip, and some MacGyver-esque roadside remedies for their ailing jeep, Gates is finally ready to get down to business.

In Kelowna, where there are at least six reported sightings of the beast every year, the crew is surprised to find that positive Ogopogo mania is rampant. There are effigies of the "monster" everywhere, from team mascots to children's T-shirts. There is even an Ogopogo expert: local author, Arelene Gaal. Josh wastes no time before interviewing Gaal and another local resident to learn about their first-hand experiences with Ogopogo and get some advice about finding the creature for himself.

Since Okanagan Lake is so large, the group starts by flying overhead to scan the area with their thermal camera. From the seaplane, they see something moving in the waters below, so Josh dives into the freezing, pitch-black waters around the foreboding Rattlesnake Island to investigate. Later, the team goes at it again with night vision cameras and binoculars. They see ripples on the surface of the water just before their underwater camera gets yanked violently and they get a thermal reading of a huge shape moving at the same pace of their boat!

The Findings: Back in LA, Josh presents his evidence to Mike Schaadt from the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium for a second opinion. Schaadt carefully debunks almost all of Josh's findings with scientific theories, leaving Team Truth (and the people of Kelowna) to wonder if there is another explanation for the people who have gone missing. Josh hopes to keep an eye on future news about the lake to see if more compelling evidence about Ogopogo ever comes to light.

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