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Ghosts of Haboro/Mngwa of Tanzania
Season 4 - Episode 403
Ghosts of Haboro/Mngwa of Tanzania
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Ghosts of Haboro

The Case: Near Haboro, a coal-mining town on an island in northern Japan, thousands of miners died while working under sub-standard conditions. Some were prisoners of war who were worked to death, while others were buried alive. In the forty years since these mines were closed, nearby residents have reported strange paranormal activity leading them to think the area is haunted.

The Adventure: Josh and his team start by traveling 5,500 miles from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan where they must hustle to catch the day's last bullet train out of the city. After arriving in Sapporo, Josh meets with a scholar of Japan's mining history, who tells him about an abandoned elementary school that is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. A long drive later, the team arrives in Haboro, which borders the desolate mining community, and interviews some local eyewitnesses of these odd happenings. Josh is also warned that there are dangerous bears in the area. After a fun-filled shopping trip for anti-bear supplies, the Truth Team uses snowmobiles to get to the mining village, where they set up shop inside an abandoned hospital. Overnight, Josh catches a solid thermal reading inside the school, falls halfway through a rotted floor, gets spooked by a bear, and encounters more than a few unexplained occurrences.

The Findings: Back at Destination Truth headquarters, the team consults with the Ghost Hunters to analyze their findings, which include several recordings of disembodied voices and a thermal video that appears to show a torso looking out at the team from a window. Based on the evidence, Josh concludes that there are indeed spirits roaming the deserted mines near Harboro.

Mngwa of Tanzania

The Case: In Tanzania, a mysterious beast is said to be roaming through the flat lands of the Serengeti. Known as the Mngwa ("ming-wah"), this saber-toothed feline is reported to be larger than a lion, measuring a frightening eight feet long and weighing more than four hundred pounds. And, yes, it eats humans.

The Adventure: Gates and crew start off by traveling 9,600 miles from Los Angeles to Arusha, Tanzania and after some initial car trouble, they make a quick stop at the National Museum of Tanzania to examine ancient cave drawings of an unknown predator. Could it be the Mngwa? Next, a local safari guide offers advice about where to find the beast and suggests that the team try to locate a nomadic African tribe for further details.

After driving across the Serengeti plains, Josh is luckily able to locate the tribe and talk to a tribesman who claims the Mngwa attacked him. Time to set up base camp and see what the night brings. Overnight, they encounter a half-eaten ostrich, a band of cheetahs, a fox, a massive paw print, and a mysterious thermal reading. When glowing eyes surround some of the team while they are stuck in tall grass, however, it's time to pack up and head back to Los Angeles.

The Findings: Back at headquarters, Josh meets with a former curator of the Los Angeles Zoo, who suggests the paw print probably belongs to very large African lion. Since the curator also thinks Josh's thermal reading is of a garden-variety jungle cat, Josh concludes that the Mngwa, if it ever existed, is likely extinct.


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