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Siberian Snowman
Season 4 - Episode 405
Siberian Snowman
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Siberian Snowman

The Case: Up in the icy mountains of Siberia in southern Russia, there have been a rash of recent sightings of a beast known as the Siberian Snowman. Similar in description to Bigfoot, this nine foot tall creature may, in fact, be related to a nearby archeological find that recently uncovered a new human ancestor. Could there be a few of these pre-humans lurking in the mountains?

The Adventure: The treacherous weather conditions and remote locale of Siberia has kept all but the most dedicated of investigators away. Josh Gates and team begin their journey by traveling 6,000 miles from Los Angeles to Moscow, Russia where they do a little bit of sight-seeing and, believe it or not, break-dancing. After a quick visit to the Darwin Museum to do some research on human ancestors, the team heads toward the Aktru glacier to find a woman who claims to have seen the Snowman firsthand.

Team Truth then has to climb 1,500 feet up the side of a mountain on foot before they can set up base camp to protect themselves from the cold. Overnight, the team gets a big scare when something chases them, and afterwards they find fur and massive tracks that look like they belong to humans and wolves. Then, the team packs it in and relocates to another area where there have been more Snowman or "Almas" sightings. After talking to an eyewitness who saw a huge creature staring into her window at her, the team saddles up in a tank and starts to drive towards the area in question. But that's before the tank overheats and gives the crew a welcome, but short-lived break. Their second night's adventure included significant finds like more bi-pedal tracks and a large shape on the infrared camera.

The Findings: Back in the United States at headquarters, the team consults with Mr. Dee, a former curator at the LA Zoo, who concedes that the tracks Josh found look like they were left by a very large and heavy human-like creature. Meanwhile, DNA analysis of the fur sample Gates found identifies the source as a snow leopard, which, of course, leaves the huge tracks in the snow completely unexplained.

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