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Ghosts Of Menengai Crater/Kalanoro
Season 4 - Episode 406
Ghosts Of Menengai Crater/Kalanoro
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Ghosts Of Menengai Crater

The Case: In the East African country of Kenya, the local Maasai tribe claims a massive volcanic crater is haunted by the 60,000 warriors who where killed there during a bloody civil war in the 1800s. Battle cries, shadows, and strange noises are all reported to emanate from the center of what's called the Menengai Crater.

The Adventure: 9,760 miles from home, Josh and his team land in Nairobi, Kenya where Josh finds himself in desperate need of a roadside tailor. Wardrobe malfunction averted, the team seeks out a local shaman who offers more information about the haunted crater and gives Josh a good luck charm to ward off evil spirits. Naivasha, Kenya, located 80 miles north of Nairobi, is the next stop for Team Truth, but not for long. From there, they drive for a full day to reach Lake Nakuru. As if that wasn't enough, the team then crosses the dangerous lake by boat to reach the Maasai village they're looking for. Thankfully, the Maasai tribe gives them a warm welcome. Anointed with ashes to protect him from evil spirits, Josh and company set out for Menengai, where they have to lower themselves into the crater by rope. Once base camp is established, the team sets up infrared and trap cameras and hopes to avoid the many dangers of the African wilderness. After a harrowing night filled with a few unexplainable close calls, the team is understandably shaken up.

The Findings: Back in Los Angeles at Destination Truth headquarters Josh takes a hard look at his findings, which include a ghostly shape floating in the distance, a recording of what sounds like a woman singing, and a ball of light hovering in an empty cave. Unable to offer an explanation, Josh concludes that the spirits of the Maasai must still be on the prowl.


The Case: Could Madagascar be the home to a small but dangerous creature called the Kalanoro? That idea might not be too far fetched since this island off the coast of Africa is the home to several animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. Stories of the mischievous Kalanoro date back 2,000 years, but recent sightings imply the dangerous, two-foot tall, humanoid monster may be back.

The Adventure: After flying 11,000 miles from Los Angeles to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, Josh and his band of Truth seekers explore local customs and travel options before visiting the zoo to bone up on the indigenous animals, including the rare Aye Aye. Later, a meeting with Dr. Goodman from the Chicago Museum of Natural History proves helpful, since Goodman has seen a Kalanoro himself. Then it's time to fly towards to northern tip of Madagascar and start the search in an area near recent sightings. After a great deal of travel, the team sets up camp in the jungle and finds some tiny human-looking footprints and gets a good, solid reading on the thermal imager.

The Findings: Back at Destination Truth headquarters, Josh pores over the data and ultimately decides that the thermal reading must have been a large lemur. The footprint, however, can't be identified or explained. With much of Madagascar still unexplored the Kalanoro could be hiding deep in the forest, or perhaps the beast is just a misidentified animal that is native to the island.

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