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Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo
Season 4 - Episode 408
Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo
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Fangalabolo of Madagascar

The Case: Could Madagascar be the home to the beast known as the Fangalabolo, a bat-like creature with a monkey face? It's certainly possible since 90% of the species found on Madagascar are not found anywhere else in the world. Recent sightings of the Fangalabolo inspire Josh Gates to investigate.

The Adventure: The team saddles up and heads to Diego Suarez, Madagascar to begin their journey. After stopping for ice cream in the local market and finding some unexpected goods for sale, the crew paused to watch the local version of Mixed Martial Arts. Back on track, Gates interviewed the local minister of culture who directs him towards Ankarana National Park to find the mysterious beast. On the way to the park, the team stops to chat with an eyewitness about what he saw of the Fangalabolo. Lucky for the crew, they happen upon a tribal party so they can unwind before chasing after the creature. The next morning finds Gates and crew driving and motor biking into the interior of Ankarana toward Crocodile Cave, the location of the most recent sighting. After paddling into the cave at night, the team is frightened away by crocodiles and decides to head for drier ground. Overnight, Mike almost falls off a cliff and Gates finds an unidentified claw.

The Findings: In LA, Gates takes his evidence straight to Jim Dines at the Los Angeles museum of Natural History and, for the first time in Destination Truth history, stumps him. While Dines admits that the claw seems real, he can't identify it and, since Madagascar is known for unique animals, Dines thinks the Fangalabolo may be real.

Taotaomona of Guam

The Case:Zombie-like ghosts called Taotaomona are said to be roaming the island of Guam. Once revered by the Chamorus tribe of Gaum, these apparitions are thought to be the spirits of their ancestors. Recent reports, however, imply that the Taotaomona are becoming aggressive and attacking people.

The Adventure: First stop? Guam, located 6,300 miles away from Los Angeles in the Western Pacific Ocean. As usual, Josh and crew start out with a bit of fun, stopping by the local mall to gamble on turtle races and buy a very expensive coconut. Next the team interviews Dr. Underwwod from the University of Guam about the Latte Stones where the Taotaomona are said to roam as well as a local family that claims to have a recording of a Taotaomona voice. After performing a secret ritual with the Chamorus tribal leader to enter their territory, the team meets with the rest of the tribe and prepares to go Taotaomona hunting. Josh and crew set up base camp deep in the jungle and overnight they encounter a number of unexplained occurrences, including a few injuries.

The Findings: Back in LA, the team has a lot of evidence to analyze and very little of it can be explained away. The most telling discovery? The unusual thermal readings of Mike's back after he was inexplicably pushed from behind. While Josh remains a bit skeptical, Mike is absolutely certain that the Taotaomona are real, and not very friendly.

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