Bad Ass Brothers & Sisters in Pop Culture

Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 07:00

In May 2015, we talked about famous sibling rivalries but now we're shaking things up a bit to take a look at brothers and sisters who LIKE each other (mostly).

Gabriel & Michael (Dominion)

They may curse and they may fight — each other …quite often actually —  but when it all boils down to it, you'll never meet two archangel brothers who are as close as these two. It started out YEARS ago with them uniting to slaughter all the humans because their dad, God, told them to. Eventually, their paths have lead them into different directions along the way with Michael rallying to save humans while Gabriel wants them all dead. But they've banded together again to face off against mean 'ole Julian, the Dyad who just won't quit. More on this unfolds tonight at 9/8c!

He-Man & She-Ra

Our favorite 80s twins shared dashing good (cartoon) looks, a love of adventure, and the quest for justice on Eternia and Etheria.  

Beyonce & Solange

They support each other's music, share a clothing line and when necessary, they'll shove the other's husband in an elevator (for reasons STILL unknown...).

Human Touch & Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four)

While Johnny Storm takes the phrase "Question Authority" quite literally and has a slight (read: big) problem following the rules, he does listen to his big sister, Sue's, advice. She's the ying to his yang, the invisibility to his fire - er…you get what we mean. Together, these two are pretty darn fantastic (pun intended). Also we're using a picture of the old film ("old" meaning 2005 because, well, the internet) because we can't with that new one.

Jem & Kimber (Jem & the Holograms)

When your sister is a keyboardist and songwriter for your bad ass band AND she keeps your alter-ego a secret, your life rocks!  Also, does anyone remember how in the first episode of Jem, Kimber tried to have Jem killed because she was jealous of her? For real, go watch it.

Daryl & Merle (The Walking Dead)

Before Merle "turned" and Daryl had to kill him (we're not going a spoiler alert because if you don't know that by now, we can't), this deep south pair were as thick as thieves - killing Walkers and pillaging supplies like it was nobody's business. For a time it was just them against the world - or whatever was left of it.

Oprah & Gayle King

Sharing DNA is all relative when it comes to the bond that these two "sister friends" have. Together, they run a magazine and encourage us to live our best lives and we like it.

The Jonas Brothers

They made a purity pact. There is NO greater bond.


All three guitarists are created equal in this family band - no behind the scenes drama here! Also, it's weird to see them with short hair, no?