Dominion's Cast Before & After The Season 2 Premiere

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 07:00

Season 2 just premiered and although it's still early yet,  we noticed that our crew of archangels and humans have changed quite a bit since Season 1. Join us as we explore the ways they've each evolved so far.

Alex/The Chosen One
Throughout  the first season, Alex was reluctant to take on his new responsibilities as The Chosen One but now he's reading his tattoos like a pro and performing evictions on 8-Balls like it's nobody's business. Also, he's willing to risk his life and take a punch or several from Gabriel for the sake of Vega's safety.

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What he's gained: Strength, purpose, direction.
What he's lost: His indecisive and sometimes whiny "But I don't want to be special!" behavior.

Claire Riesen
With her dad exiled to New Delphi, Claire is no longer the pampered and somewhat helpless princess figure she once was. She's now the Lady of the City and running things in power suits. She even makes tough calls like bombing Gabriel's lair - although Alex, her unborn child's father, was inside - for the sake of keeping her City safe. She also stands up to the polarizing David Whele who wants to unseat her from her throne. Something tells us, Claire won't be going quietly.

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What she's gained: Chutzpah, a baby and a great new wardrobe
What she's lost: Her impending arranged marriage to William Whele. Boy, did she dodge a bullet.

Senator Riesen
Pending. The (former) good Senator hasn't turned up yet but the Season is young, team. Keep watching!

David Whele
In Season 1 David Whele was a villainous man who was thirsty for power and willing to do anything (and we do mean anything, including dropping his own son, William, off in the desert when he became a nuance) to become the leader of Vega. So far, in Season 2, David Whele is a villainous man who's thirsty for power and willing to do anything to become - hey, wait a minute…

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What he's gained: In true villain form, David's evil seems to swell as other people squirm. He is NOT letting Claire take the reins easily.
What he's lost: Senator Riesen as a competitor. One Riesen down, one to go?

William Whele
In Season 1 William Whele was a troubled man who had major daddy issues and whose loyalty was to Gabriel, who basically wanted to kill all humans. This season William's made an appearance as David's own guilt (he sort of condemned his son to death), but is he actually dead? We never saw a body an we know what that means.

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What he's gained: Mind control. His memory mocks his dad and unnerves the elder Whele in ways we've never seen before.
What he's lost: His cult and his life? Only time will tell where William really is.

Noma is still the ever faithful friend and protector of Alex just as she was last season, but the main difference is that she's a higher angel and her allegiance to humanity - particularly Alex's humanity - is clearer than ever before.

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What she's gained: The chance to be exactly who she is. No more hiding those wings!
What she's lost: Alex, perhaps, as it is revealed that Claire is pregnant with his baby, making for an awkward love triangle.

Gabriel played the role of scornful archangel who detested humanity and while he's carried this attitude into Season 2, one thing about him that was surprisingly different was his patience - if at all short lived - with Alex. Seeing Gabriel desperate for a message from his father, God, brought out a vulnerable side of the grumpy angel that isn't often shown.

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What he's gained: A reason to burn Vega to the ground. Claire kicked the hornet's nest by bombing Gabriel's lair but not killing him off.
What he's lost: His brother (Michael) and his sister (Uriel) - he has no idea where either one of them are.  

Michael is no longer as comfortable around humans as he was throughout much of Season 1. He's a loner searching for direction this Season, while in Season 1 he seemed clear on his purpose in life which was to protect The Chosen One. But now that his friendship with Alex has ended and his human-killing past has been revealed, Michael is in search of a new path.

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What he's gained: Arriving in and protecting the town of Mallory, Alabama from the 8-Balls gives Michael a revived sense of purpose. Maybe he'll go on protecting humans again?
What he's lost: Alex's friendship, the City of Vega's trust and his cover. Everyone - save for the residents of Mallory - knows that Michael was once a human being killing machine.

Of all the the players in Dominion, Arika remains consistent in that she's still beautiful, cunning and unpredictable. If it ain't broke...

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What she's gained: A new agenda, but what that agenda is remains to be revealed. Arika's a woman who likes for her surprises to sneak up and scare the hell out of her enemies, naturally.
What she's lost: Helena, her beloved city. She's now a long way from home, her citizens and her comfort zone. Also, her girlfriend, Uriel (Gabriel and Michael's sister), is missing.

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