Everything You Need to Know About Dominion Season 1

Thursday, July 2, 2015 - 07:00

Season 2 of Dominion premieres in just ONE week on Thursday, July 9 at 10/9c. Gear up for the big day with this handy guide to Season 1. Not much of a reader? Here's a video featuring important Season 1 highlights and a sneak peek of what's to come.

Twenty-five years ago God disappeared and in his absence the Archangel Gabriel - who despised humans - led a war against mankind. Meanwhile, his brother, the Archangel Michael, took the road less traveled and sided with humanity against Gabriel, making for awkward family reunions.

Out of the ashes of war the survivors gathered into fortified cities, Vega (F.K.A. Las Vegas) being the greatest among them. The upper crest of Vega society included General Riesen and his daughter Claire (pictured here). Plus there's councilman David Whele and his son William who are not pictured here but probably wish they were. #friction

This is one of the more complicated father-son relationships in recent memory. David is a bad guy who wants to take over a town. William is secretly also a bad guy who just wants to side with the even badder guy who wants to take over all of the towns (in other words, Gabriel).

Also among the V2 (read: one step higher than the V1s, who are the lowest on the caste totem poles) citizens of Vega was Alex, a former orphan turned solider. Alex was madly in love with Claire. They had plans to flee Vega together until General Riesen announced she's betrothed to William. David's all about this as it puts him one step closer to power.

Arranged marriage be damned. Alex and Claire planned to flee the City with Bixby, a V1 orphan they've been taking care of. Their plan was securely in place until ...

Jeep, Alex's father that abandoned him, showed up. Jeep was covered in mysterious tattoos which transfered to Alex after Jeep was killed. Michael revealed that Alex was "The Chosen One," the human savior for humanity that had been rumored about for decades.

Alex could read some of the tattoos said - a skill that only The Chosen One would be able to possess. The first message that Alex was able to read ominously says "Beware of those closest to you." Ruh-roh.

David tried to keep the whole Chosen One reveal under wraps and fed anyone who knows about Alex's true identity to the lions. Literally. In his quest to maintain power he became frenemies with Arika, the wife of the Queen of Helena, another fortified city. David needed an air force - if war is coming he wanted to be ready - so he schemed with Arika to get it.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone, William was secretly loyal to Gabriel and worshipped him! Which involved wearing black cloaks.

We also learned General Riesen was sleeping with a lady named Clementine that he has locked up. What's crazier was that Clementine was actually Claire's mother, who had been possessed by an angel but not fully on the dark side yet.

Claire's maid Felicia was secretly a bad angel and attacks. This was alarming because a) Everyone thought angels couldn't impersonate regular humans and b) Claire was now out a really good maid. Anyway, Felicia figured out that Alex is the Chosen One and told Gabriel.

Michael started to train Alex to be more ass-kicky but was interrupted by Furiad, one of Gabriel's henchman angels, who stabbed Michael. All this and Alex was STILL unsure about his Chosen One responsibilities.

Serving up Khaleesi realness here is Uriel (Michael and Gabriel's sister), an avid art collector who routinely collects depictions of members of her family. Also, she lies and plays them against each other. Atta girl.

Clementine escaped into Vega and climbed the walls and the ceiling and generally behaved like an 8-ball (the name for humans possessed by angels). Just as we've come to expect. Alex tried to save her by using his magic tattoos to exorcise the angel from Clementine and...it worked!

Except then she died. You are lost and gone forever, oh my darling Clementine. Anyway, Claire reunited with her mom right before she kicked the bucket. Claire realized that her dad was keeping Clementine a secret the whole time and ordered him to step down as HBIC of Vega. She took over.

David figured out William is working with Gabriel, so William kidnapped him and broke his ribs in an attempt to get his dad to join his weirdo Gabriel cult.

David escaped, and took William out to the desert, where he left his son to fend for himself. Biblical, no?

Michael, Noma (Alex's soldier friend and, turns out, secretly an angel) all plotted to take down Gabriel. When Alex learned Noma's an angel - and that Michael knew - he started to distrust Michael.

Turns out Claire was pregnant with Alex's baby. Chosen One's baby - important development alert! Uriel figured this out, as does Arika (who we learn is her lover, making them the first human/angel lesbian couple in TV history). They got all schemey.

When Michael learned Becca, his human scientist lover, had been experimenting on angels, he FLIPPED OUT and killed her in a moment of rage. Alex, already distrustful of Michael, washed his hands of the angel, who flew away.

To protect his baby (who Gabriel vaguely threatened), Alex decided to go to Gabriel's lair and take care of the Arcangel once and for all.